Monday, March 9, 2015

Monday Mish-Mash

I never got to my fragments on Friday because I needed to pack my goodies and head to my daughter’s house. So here’s a make-up post!

Snow and More Snow!  We were supposed to get a little snow on Thursday, but we ended up with seven inches. I like sitting inside and watching the flakes fall – it’s so quiet and peaceful. My husband, on the other hand, is like a caged lion. He wanted to get out and blow/shovel it all away. I had to keep reminding him that there was no sense in doing anything until it stopped falling. He just gets so antsy. It was the kind of snow that sticks to the tree branches and resembles fine lace. It really was beautiful. Finally, right after dinner, it stopped, and Mr. Rammy got to go out and assess matters. He measured it for me, but he didn’t want to take pix. He and the neighbors got to work, and all I heard were motors running and a lot of scraping. I stayed cozy and warm, watching TV. By Friday, it still looked pretty, but we could make our way around.

Baking: I completed all my goodies and got them frosted. Then we packed it all in boxes and coolers which went into the trunk. We took Kasey for the ride, which he loves, and off we went. Since we’re on main roads for most of the trip, we had no travel problems. They left a bay open in the garage, and we pulled right in. The goods were delivered and added to my daughter’s stash, and we had time for a visit. Their little dog, Cinnamon, is a wiry little critter, and all he wanted to do was to jump all over Kasey. (Kasey really wanted no parts of it!) The littler guy was napping, but the older one had to regale me with stories of his week. (He also wanted me to watch more lightsaber battles – it never ends!) Once the smaller one got up, and the dad returned, we were near the end of our visit, and we went through the flurry of goodbyes. (BTW – they made nearly $700 at the bake sale. So my efforts were worth it!)

This is the buttercream I wrote about!

One of my loaves

The Root Beer loaf

All the breads wrapped up

The citrus cake -- had to clean up the drops of glaze

Apple Pie

Sugar Butter Cookies

Chocolate Chip

Everything ready to go
Being out, again: After weeks of being shut in, I really enjoyed getting out on Friday, and again yesterday for church. I counted, and in one month, I was outside exactly five times! I didn’t have cabin fever, and I kept busy, but I did miss going out. The long rides on Friday reminded me that in past years, I was out a lot. Then this year, between the weather and having no reason for doing so, I just gave up going anywhere. Now, the weather will be warming up a bit this week – even going into the 50s at times. So, I’m going to make a point of going somewhere – anywhere – so I don’t get too accustomed to being inside all the time.

Books, TV:  I finished all my episodes of Downton Abbey, and I can’t wait until next year for the sixth season. I love seeing the fashions and styles of the show, but I particularly enjoying seeing furniture like my antiques on the show! One day soon, I’ll take some photos. I began watching Secrets and Lies, and I think I’ll like it. My husband likes Battle Creek, but I’m not that into it. We both enjoy Madame Secretary, and I’m glad it got renewed.
I finished Bohjalian’s The Light in the Ruins, and it was great. I learned a great deal about WWII in the Tuscany region, which provided the backdrop for the mystery. Now, I’m reading Diane Chamberlain’s The Silent Sister, and it looks like another good one. I have Sarah Jio’s The Look of Love to read next, and the library has Lisa Scottoline’s Betrayed ready for me. So, I have to get a new list going now, and I’ll be set for a while.

Not much else is going on right now.

Kasey needed his rest



  1. omgoodness....everything looks so pretty and yummy!! i missed your friday fragments!!!

  2. I agree 100% with Debbie. Your baked goods look scrumptious. As for the beauty of a snowfall, I agree ... but from a cozy and warm distance.

    1. I know you hate the cold, so you're at a safe distance!!

  3. You had a real bakery going! everything looks awesome:)