Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I never got to my Friday Fragments because…

So Sick:  After my husband came home from the hospital, he didn’t seem to be able to hold food in him. Everything he ate – all on a prescribed diet – went through him quickly. We both assumed [such a bad thing to do] that it was the result of either the trauma to his system or the side effects of the antibiotics. Then last Tuesday night, I had the same problem. Immediately, I blamed the dinner I had eaten – roast chicken, baked potato, green beans which would hardly cause tummy troubles. I only ate crackers on Wednesday and Thursday, but by Thursday night, I was really sick. My husband was also still suffering. When my husband went to his regular doctor on Friday, he found out that neither the diverticulitis nor the type of antibiotics he was on would cause such a thing. The doctor put him right on Imodium and gave him a prescription for something stronger if needed. The doctor felt that my husband had picked up an intestinal ‘bug’ at that hospital and shared it with me. We both started taking it, and by Sunday, I started to feel better. After that, I’ve stuck to a bland diet, and I’m only introducing things a little at a time. It was horrible being that sick.

Sleep: I’ve never had the insomnia that other MSers talk about. I used to sleep like a baby. When the stress of my husband’s illness, my sudden spurt of falls, and the uncertainty of our future began to weigh heavily on me, I couldn’t sleep. I’d lie for hours, begging sleep to come, but just tossing around and thinking. Then, during the day, I’d start to nod, only to be jolted awake. An hour here, minutes there, were all adding up, and I was exhausted. Finally, yesterday, after I found myself dozing and jolting all day, I knew I had to do something. I tried some yoga breathing, took some Benadryl (although I was worried it could affect my stomach,) and changed my pillows. I had the best night’s sleep! Now, I just hope it continues.

Future: At least that’s one area which has been somewhat remedied. My daughter and SIL bought a house. It came with a beautiful suite that we would use as our apartment. It even had two bathrooms – one regular, one accessible. I was really excited about this and began to relax. Then, there was some kind of fight between my SIL and his sister, and before I knew it, he was putting his mother in the suite and having a new one built in the house for us. I was hurt and dismayed, but I keep my mouth shut. They’re settling on the house on November 19th, but we’ll have to wait longer now. It’s upsetting because I was really beginning to look forward to the future. Now, I’m just drifting.

Dinner: We were supposed to celebrate my husband’s birthday this past Sunday, but with my being sick, we postponed it until tomorrow – his actual birthday. It was a major shift, but I’m learning to be flexible. It won’t be a lavish affair; I just made lasagna, meatballs, and a pineapple upside-down cake – his usual birthday request. I probably will only eat a small bit, but I want to stay well.

I don’t want to get overly tired, so I’ll end here. I need to read all your past posts, and soon, I’ll be leaving comments again.



Thursday, October 1, 2015


While I wrote about the main events from my miserable week, I noticed little things that also happened. First – I had no cash here. I could have sent my kiddoes to the ATM, but since I never use it, I’m not sure where the extra card is. Fortunately, I have a debit cash card – my husband puts money in it, and I can use it for online purchases. I gave it to the kids whenever we needed food, etc. It worked out well.

Then there was the whole phone debacle. I always carry my cell when I’m alone, but when I dropped it, I was in trouble. Van reminded me that I could have used Siri to call the police, but I didn’t know that. Just to be safe, Van bought me a life alert button. I can wear it as a pendant or a bracelet. I still need to go through it all again with him. He also bought me a shower head with a hose to attach to the sink in the powder room. Great, but where does the excess water go? I’ll have to put on my thinking cap.

Meals were haphazard during the week. I couldn’t get into a cooking frame of mind, and I couldn’t plan anything. That’s how addled my brain was! Two nights were takeout, one was the gift from my neighbor, then we just winged it once my husband came home – soup, sandwiches, eggs, etc. On Sunday, I’m planning lasagna which I’ll make ahead on Saturday. I have to get back to my normal routine by next week.

I was very fortunate that my daughter did all the laundry when she was here. I could never have done it. I didn’t ask them to clean, but my boys did it anyway. It was as if I had my own minions! Now, they just stop by to check on us, and I can see the difference. I’m lucky that my husband is feeling so much better. He can start doing these things again, little by little.

When the boys did any shopping, they put the groceries away – in the place they were when they lived here! If we can’t find something, I wrack my brain trying to remember where it used to be. Funny how they hearken back to previous times. I can definitely find humor amidst the chaos!

Tomorrow I’ll do some fragments.



Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Episode 3:

So this cutie officer sits me down to talk. (He went to school with my daughter.) He assured me that they didn’t mind coming out, but he was concerned about me. He suggested that I sleep on the first floor. I said I’d think about it. In the meantime, my husband was getting out of the hospital.

Kurt and Van left work early and drove here. I was in the family room, reading when they came, so they knew I was all right. I told them to go pick up their dad. My husband was pale and weak, but he looked all right and I was relieved. I told them all about what the police officer said, and they agreed with him. Traitors!

They quickly moved out the love seat from the family room and assembled a twin from upstairs in its place. That was going to be where I stayed from then on. It seemed all right, but it’s not a perfect solution. Sleeping isn’t the issue, but I only have the powder room. After three days of using it as sponge bath central, I balked. I had to have a shower! So on Sunday, I climbed up the stairs, my husband helped me, and I showered and shampooed. I also did it yesterday, and will continue to do so on Friday. Shhhhh…don’t rat me out!

My husband gradually got better. He has dietary restrictions, and we’re following them. His birthday is next week, and we’re celebrating on Sunday. He can have what he wants – lasagna and pineapple upside-down cake. They’re on the ‘good’ list. He sleeps a lot and goes to bed early, but he’s improving every day. On Friday, he’ll go to see his doctor, and hopefully, it will all be over. It was such a stressful experience for him – me, too!

So, that’s where I was last week. There were smaller issues mixed in, but these were the highlights. I’m trying to get back to normal, and I know things are looking up. I’m so grateful for my wonderful kids and all of their care and concern. I need them to get back to normal, too.

Thanks for listening to my saga!


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Episode 2

Once the EMTs had me situated in the family room, they took off. I called Van to tell him what happened, assured him I was fine, and I insisted he come over much later. He was there in a half-hour, with Kasey and his bags. He made sure I was okay and began to berate himself for leaving and for locking the door. I assured him that nothing was his fault. He began to sweep up all the broken glass. The window, which I thought was nine different panes on the door, was actually one big piece with two glass panes and gas between. It was tempered glass so it came out in little pellets. What a mess. It took Van over an hour to sweep. In the meantime, Kurt was at his tailgate party and football game, oblivious of what was happening. Van picked up hoagies for dinner, and I went to bed early. I got up at five so he could be here when I came downstairs.

In the hospital, they continued to treat my husband and kept him on a liquid diet. He was no longer in such excruciating pain, so he just had antibiotics. Kurt took him on as his responsibility. He wasn’t getting discharged, though. I worried to the point of near tears. We could only talk on the phone. My prayers were non-stop.

My daughter [made-up name: Mandy] and her youngest arrived on Monday to stay with me. Her doctor husband kept assuring both of us that things were okay. Mandy got pizza for dinner and we played with the little one. She helped me up the stairs, and I got through another night. Mandy and the little guy stayed for most of the day, and then Van and Kasey came back. The window replacement came and was installed. My neighbor had brought over some BBQ chicken and burgers, so we made that with some salads for dinner. Early bed again, and 5:00 wake-up. I was really exhausted, and I didn’t feel like going downstairs that early, so I told Van I was fine. I went back to bed with my cell phone and landline next to me. By 8:30, I felt rested and started to get out of bed. First, I knocked my cell phone to the floor, then I lost my balance and fell back on the bed. I couldn’t pull myself up. I couldn’t reach either phone. I panicked. I began screaming for help, hoping someone outside would hear me. They didn’t. My phones kept ringing, but I couldn’t answer them. Finally, at 11:15, I heard voices at the back door. Next, two teenage girls came up. They lived down the street, and they were there because: when my son couldn’t get through to me, he remembered that a neighbor had her phone number on Facebook. He called her, she called her daughters who were off from school for Yom Kippur, they found me, and they called 911.  Two and a half hours of utter fear!

Once again, the EMTs had to help me up. They even carried me down the stairs in the lightweight wheelchair. The police officer sat down to have a talk with me.
To be continued…



Monday, September 28, 2015


*That Was The Week That Was – Episode One

When last we saw our fair damsel in distress, she was being unceremoniously lifted to a standing position by two of our finest. The following night, my husband was up all night with an upset stomach. He was in so much pain by Saturday that I called my older son [made up name: Kurt] to take him to the hospital. Upon hearing this, my younger son [made up name: Van] caught an Uber from the city and stayed here to be with me and wait for answers. By 8:00, we got word that they had diagnosed him with diverticulitis and were admitting him. Once he was under the soothing effects of morphine, he was feeling better but still sick.

Van decided to stay over here in case I needed him. I did. From all the stress, I could barely move, and he helped me up the stairs at 1:00 A.M. We both kept our cell phones so I could call him if I needed him. Again, I did. He needed to lift my legs into the bed. He was such a great help, and I’m so proud of him. He left early Sunday to pick up more clothes and Kasey, the dog. I took my shower, got dressed, and started downstairs.

My foot got turned on the top step, and I fell backwards. Half my body was lying on the hallway floor, and my legs and feet were dangling over the stairwell. I couldn’t get up no matter how hard I tried. Fortunately, I had my phone, but neither of my boys would get there soon enough. So, once again, I called 911. They arrived quickly, but they couldn’t get in. By accident, my son had locked the door, and there was no spare key outside. I was agony lying in that position, so I told the dispatcher they could break the glass on the door. The EMTs ran up the stairs and got my back off the floor. They wanted to carry me down, but I said no, thank you very much. They suggested I leave a key with the neighbors and get a lockbox for the front door.

This is the end of our first episode. Oh, it gets better!


P.S. I got caught up reading all of your posts, but I can’t comment on that many all at once. I’ll try to get back to that shortly.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Fragments

With two other days of tidbits, I don’t have much for this fragments post.

Incident:  I can get into so much trouble when left alone, and yesterday was a good example. My husband was going to be gone all day, working at the store. That usually doesn’t bother me, but yesterday I felt a bit ‘off.’ I struggled to get around, and finally just set myself in front of the TV. A few hours went by, and I went to get up for a potty break. My leg gave out, and I fell back onto the loveseat. Unfortunately, my butt didn’t land there, and I did a slow slide to the floor. I wasn’t hurt, but I knew I couldn’t get up. I was too close to the side table to get into a position to haul myself up. I tried for fifteen minutes, but nothing worked. My husband would be home in less than a half-hour, but I was getting very uncomfortable. I ended up calling him, and he left immediately. He’s only ten minutes away, so I tried to relax. He tried to do a pull up from the front – he had no room to maneuver. He tried from the side – I could see his back was hurting. He tried moving things for me to grasp – didn’t work. He finally called 911, and two police officers were there in minutes. They simply put their one hand on my back and the other under my arm. In two seconds, I was standing and secure. I was also very embarrassed – that’s never happened before. They pushed my apologies aside and accepted my heartfelt thanks. I’m sure the neighbors were wondering why two patrol cars sped up to my house. I’ll let them surmise!
I wanted to get a bagel tray to send over to them, but my husband said they can’t take gifts. I’ll write a letter to the chief and the mayor, commending them for their service.

Aftermath: With that incident embedded in my mind, now I have to deal with my fears. I’m so afraid of going down again that I’m taking just little steps, and I ask my husband to help me a lot. He doesn’t mind, but he tries to calm me by telling me that my mind plays tricks on me. I fret and stew, and then I can’t do anything – walk, do stairs, and pivot. My legs are lead with suction cups for feet. Even though I’m all right, I let myself believe I can’t do it. So this morning, he had to help me with my shower, getting dressed, and coming downstairs. I can’t live with this fear hanging over me. I’ll be alone again tomorrow, and already I’m nervous. I may try some new techniques to use today while my husband is here. Otherwise, I may do a repeat of yesterday.

Waiting:  My daughter and SIL ended up putting a bid on just one house – the one I preferred. They’re supposed to get a response today or tomorrow. My fingers are crossed because if they don’t get this one, the search begins anew. My daughter said they may just settle on their present home, and rent until they find something. I hope it won’t come to that. So, we ‘also serve, who only sit and wait.’ [The Odyssey]

Books/TV:  I gave up on Winter’s Tale – I just couldn’t get into it. So I moved on to The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and I’m really enjoying it. I heard they’re going to make a movie from it, too. I still have two more books in my stash, and I’ll start one of them soon.
Next week all the new shows begin and I’ll be sucked in. I started going to bed earlier this summer, so I’ll be recording a lot.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend.



Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nancy Drew and Yummies, Too

As we struggled yesterday with that desk drawer, I began to think of it as a Nancy Drew mystery – The Case of the Locked Drawer.  When the boys came, they just grabbed a smaller screwdriver and worked at it. No damage was done, and they were able to take out the drawer. Then we heard them laughing, and we figured they found something funny. They came down for dinner, carrying our old passports – mine was from when I was a teen, and my husband’s was a little older. We didn’t know each other way back then, but we sure did look young! My boys were laughing at the pictures and reading all the entries. Then they found their baby books, and we all had a good laugh. The elder had tons of photos and all kinds of information. The younger had many blank pages. What can I say? I was busier when the third child arrived!

Last night, my husband went through the rest. I couldn’t see what he was throwing away, but I soothed my anxiety by thinking that if it hadn’t been important while it was locked away, it wasn’t worth saving. He did find some old photos, and he put them aside for me. He also found a letter from forty years ago! It was from a friend who was living in France so some of it is in French. I wonder what became of her. I guess this will be a recurring theme – finding old items and reminiscing.

We also had a yummy dinner – the boys really loved it. I marinated shrimp in tequila and lime juice, with a little hot pepper flakes. Then they were skewered and grilled. For me, I made a tempura batter for my soft shell crab and sautéed it. I just bought some containers of tropical fruit because I knew my husband wouldn’t feel like paring and chopping. These were drained, dried, and seasoned before they too were grilled. I made wild rice with wilted fresh baby spinach. I placed the rice on one side of the plate and the fruit on the other. The skewered shrimp and my crab went on top. For dessert, I had a store-bought cheesecake and added warmed cherry topping to it. I usually send home doggy bags, but they ate it all! The theme this week was Caribbean Cuisine.

I’m trying to research some foods for next week’s culinary journey. I may end up throwing a dart at a map! And I need to start taking photos!!