Thursday, March 5, 2015


That title could mean the heavy snow that’s falling here, now. Or it could refer to the fact that I have to frost some of my baked goods. I started the cupcakes yesterday afternoon, but my hand just would not cooperate, and wielding the pastry bag was not as easy as it usually is. Today, I’ll do two glazes – easy peasy – for the devil’s food Bundt cake and the citrus one. I’ll just make a small batch of buttercream for the root beer loaf. Then, everything gets wrapped and packed for delivery tomorrow. (I’ll take photos and post later.) By the way, if you want an easy, delicious frosting, this buttercream one is fantastic. I could get a spoon and eat the whole bowl myself, but I don’t!
Just soften two sticks of unsalted butter by leaving them at room temperature.
Then, using the whisk attachment, whip the butter until it lightens in color.
Add three cups of confectioners’ [powdered] sugar and whisk at medium high for a full three minutes.
Add one teaspoon of vanilla extract and two tablespoons of cream, and whisk again for another minute.
This is good as the Swiss Meringue Buttercream I make, and it’s much easier. If my hands are good, I fill a pastry bag with the frosting (I also use a coupler and various tips) and go to town. For cupcakes, I like to use either the medium star, the flat opening, or just the open coupler. Each one gives a different look to the frosting. Piping is getting harder for me, but for that I almost always use a plain number two opening.
For the glazes, I’ll just thin out the frosting with flavors and pour it onto the cake.

We have our furry grand, Kasey, with us for a week while his master goes hiking and camping in New England. He’ll take a ride with us tomorrow to see his cousin, Cinnamon. I’ll try to remember to take pix of them, also. Dogs are so funny in the snow. The first thing Kasey does is to stick his snout straight down into the white stuff and come up sputtering. Do they think it’s food? He loves romping around in it, but he also loves coming inside, getting dried off, and spreading out for a nice nap!

Well, I’m off to my little bakery to finish up. I’ll be back later.




  1. dogs are super fun to watch in the snow!!! today's a REAL inside day. i am going to make cookies!!!!

    1. Wow! I thought it would never stop snowing! Yummmmm -- cookies!

  2. Every time you undertake another of your cooking ventures, which I know have their physical challenges, you convince me to keep asking the question I pose on my March 11 poem. I know I'm being a bit of a tease, but reading this post convinced me to go ahead and schedule the poem I had been considering. So stay tuned! And, thanks for your input. And, you're amazing.

    1. Oh, I can't wait to see the new poem! You know how much I love them!!

  3. Is anyone else supplying goods for that bake sale? You are simply amazing.

    1. Ha-ha -- my daughter made a ton, too. They made a lot of money, so it was worth it!