Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday Fragments

Yesterday was a busy day, and it was afternoon before I could post anything, so I just waited for today.

Remembrance:  We all remember those horrible events fourteen years ago. Where were we when we got the news? How did we react? What amazes me, now, is that today’s high school kids were babies or not even born yet! I pray these kids never have to experience such incidents, but with the world in the state it’s in, I hardly believe those prayers will be answered positively. Let’s all remember the families affected by 9/11/01.

Scary Experience: I braved the awful heat on Wednesday to get my hair done. I stayed in the shade when I was outside, and it helped somewhat. My stylist, Dani, again said she’d work around my wheelchair, and we were soon chatting and catching up. After foiling and letting it set, she rolled me to the shampoo station, where I can stand and move into a chair by the basins. Unfortunately, when she went to move that chair into a good position, I heard something click beneath me. Before I knew it, the chair collapsed and I fell to the floor. Dani and the owner immediately pulled me upright and held me until the bad chair was moved and another was put in its place. Of course, it couldn’t have happened when the shop was empty. Oh no, there were two other women and two gentlemen scurrying around, trying to help. I was embarrassed, but I realized only some levity would ease the tension. So, once I was seated in the good chair, I said, “That’s all folks. Next show is at 8:00.” Everyone laughed and we moved on. I wasn’t hurt, so no real harm occurred. But it was scary.

Other Problems: When my husband left me at the salon, he had planned to do a little shopping. Instead, his car wouldn’t start. Another driver gave him a jump start, and he went straight to the mechanics and bought a new battery. Then yesterday, when he went to leave for work, it happened again. He had to call AAA, and they took him back to the mechanic. It was the alternator this time. Then, after he picked up the car later in the afternoon, he couldn’t turn it off! This time it was the remote started that needed adjusting. I’m crossing my fingers that everything is all right now.

Good Deals: When my boys come for dinner, I always make extra so we can have leftovers. Well, since they were here on Monday this week, the leftovers were gone. Neither of us felt like cooking, so my husband went to the super market where they have these great deals. They hand make about four different entrees, and one of them, each week, is a BOGO. This week, it was chicken parm and penne in homemade marinara. He got two meals for only $6.99!! Plus, it was delicious! Now, that’s a great deal!

Books: Be sure to read Every Fifteen Minutes. It has many twists and a hidden narrator which add up to great reading. I won’t be a spoiler, but I did enjoy it. Now I have Winter’s Tale by Mark Helprin waiting to be read. It’s an oldie and a long one [close to 800 pages], and it was made into a movie starring Colin Farrell. I’ll get started on it and just take my time.

Decision: After much talk and some careful consideration, we’ve decided to accept my daughter and SIL’s offer. They’re relieved, and while I’m scared, I think it’s the right move. Time alone will prove if it is, and I’m keeping my mind open. I just don’t want to be a burden. We have a lot of work ahead of us, and we may have a private buyer for this house.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend.




  1. oh muff, you have so much going on!!! it's hard not to this on the importance of today. all the beautiful souls that were lost and the families left behind, suffering!!!

    i not sure how you managed such a fall without getting hurt. that was a great deal at the food store, i would do that everyday. i don't think you could buy the ingredients for that for 7 bucks!!

    it's cool here today and i thought of you as i walked around the yard!!!

    have a great weekend muff, i do hope the car problems are over!!!!

    1. Funny -- once that cool air came, I thought of YOU and how you love the cold! Hope you got out and about.

  2. *think about

    i need to proofread!!!!!

    1. Remember -- I have mental auto correct -- I see what's supposed to be there. So don't worry about it.

  3. So glad you weren't hurt...scary for sure!
    I bet your move will all work out...a safe place to call home is the end result so it will all be good:)

    1. I'm still nervous about starting a whole new adventure, but I'm trying to be positive.

  4. I haven't had a wheel chair collapse, but have had a flat on my face tumble while using my cane at the hair salon. You handled it well Muff!

    So GLAD to hear that you have accepted your daughter's offer. Don't be scared, think of it as new adventure, and a wonderful new chapter in your life!

    1. It wasn't the wheel chair -- it was the chair in front of the shampoo sink! The metal bar came loose.
      I'm really trying to be positive, but I still worry.