Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday Fragments

There really isn’t a lot going on in my noggin, but I’ll scrounge up a few tidbits.

Never Ending Heat: It was 96° outside yesterday – the hottest day this summer! The meteorologists give seven-day forecasts, and the numbers up to next Wednesday are in the 90s. Then it slips down to the upper 80s. C’mon, it’s supposed to get cooler now! The last time I was outside was on August 2nd – over a month of self-imposed exile from the world.  I’m really not agoraphobic – the outside world doesn’t cause me to be anxious, but the heat does. I know that if I get just a little overheated, I’ll be out of commission for days. I’ll feel exhausted without having done anything. I feel lethargic and slow. My legs will grow weak. My hands will not work. I’ll just be like a human slug. It’s just not worth it for me to try and brave the heat. I’ll be patient, and I’ll wait for the cool autumn winds to blow in. At this rate, though, that could be in December!

Culinary Events: Even though I’ve been inside, I just haven’t had the urge to cook or bake anything special. For me, that’s unusual. If the boys are coming, I try to make something special, but even then, it’s been easy and quick. On Tuesday, I didn’t have the energy to make a dessert, so I talked my husband through it. He bought a graham cracker pie shell, bought lemon filling, bought Cool Whip, and I told him how to put it together for a lemon cream pie. He was surprised at how easy it was. The boys liked it and were impressed with their dad! The gang will be here on Monday, and I don’t want them in the kitchen doing cooking – I’d rather sit and talk. So, on Sunday, I’m doing a pork butt in the slow cooker all day. I’ll shred the meat, add barbecue sauce, and serve it with rolls on Monday. I plan to make my potato salad and a crunchy Asian salad. We’ll have some Jersey corn and maybe salad fixings. All of these are simple but yummy.

Looking Ahead:  As I did last year, I want to start my Christmas cookies early and freeze them. If we move before the holidays, I may not have my chest freezer, but I’ll try to give it to the kids and ‘rent’ storage space. It was so much better last year when I spread it all out. I don’t have as many trays to make this year. One friend died, one sort of flew away, we don’t go to my mother’s nursing home. So, I can probably get away with just five trays. I had planned to work on my card during the summer, but that never happened. So, I’m thinking up a new idea, and I’ll get working on it in the fall. With a huge move looming, I’m not even sure I’ll put up my fall decorations, but we’ll see. I may just give them away.

Books:  I finished The Color of Light by Karen White, and it was fantastic. It took place at the South Carolina shore, and it involved mystery, romance, and even a little of the supernatural. I recommend it. Now I have five new books and a lot of reading ahead. I’m into Every Fifteen Minutes by Lisa Scottoline, a psychological thriller set in Chester County, as many of her books are. I’ll be through it quickly, and then I’ll decide which comes next.

That’s about all I have this week. Maybe I’ll write on Monday if things are quiet.




  1. Your right muff, it sure has been hot. I have been out several times but have been careful to keep those outings to a minimum. We are lucky to enjoy being home, it has been a long summer. My Mike is here until Sunday and I am going to hide in the house on Monday, I am so exhausted from the visit and loss of my routine, but it sure has been awesome having home home for a week. The last time was super storm sandy, so it's been quite a while!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. I hope you had a fantastic visit with Mike!! I'm so fortunate that my kids live near enough that I see them regularly. It must be hard for you. Get rested now that things get back to normal and enjoy your day. BTW -- that photo of your boys as babies is just adorable. And they grew to be handsome big boys!

  2. The Color of Light is on my list and now I may be motivated to read it, although the list is long at this point and only dwindling because I heard Living with a Wold God was not worth reading and I has also scratched off a couple that I couldn't get through myself.

    I'm sorry to hear that the heat continues to keep you captive in your house, but it is more important to take care of yourself.

    1. My reading list is also long, but I just enjoy reading so much that it doesn't weigh me down. I have one waiting that's huge [close to 800 pg.]-- but I'll get through it. Enjoy your day.