Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Up in the Air

By now, I’m usually all set with my dinner plans; however, my one son called last night to say he couldn’t come for dinner. Now, I’m waiting to hear from the other one. I try to make special treats on the days they eat with us, including our culinary journeys around the globe. Today was going to be Caribbean/Tropical. There’s nothing long or time-consuming in the production, but I’d rather make it when they’re both here.

The recipes I gathered were for Jerk Chicken, Tropical Shrimp, a sweet potato/eggplant  dish, some greens, and a pineapple dessert. They all come together quickly, but I don’t want to make it for just the two of us. If my younger son comes, I may just make a London Broil on the grill, some kind of potato, salad (with Jersey veggies,) and Jersey corn on the cob. These are all easy to prepare, and they don’t require a lot of time. I’ll just wait until I hear from him.

That’s one ball that’s up in the air. Another one is the activities for my little guys’ visit. We normally stay at home, and they play with their toys. Or we bake something. Or we do arts and crafts. Or we watch kiddie shows or DVDs. If the weather is nice, I’d like to take them somewhere. There are always boats on the Cooper River, and they may enjoy watching them. Or we could do mini golf at a little place nearby. The only problem with either of these is my lack of walking, and both of these trips would involve some. There are tons of museums with kids in mind, but I’d prefer to save indoor activities for the cold weather. So that plan is another ball in the air.

The third orb floating around is how much work I want to invest in the house. Should I take down all the wallpaper (a realtor suggestion,) or just leave it. Another suggestion was to remove all photos on the walls. I don’t like that idea because I love seeing the galleries I’ve created. The same goes for books – I have bookcases full of them. The suggestion was to remove many of them and replace them with bric-a-brac. I’m not keen on that one either. I don’t want to get rid of anything until I know where I’ll be living.

The final ball-in-the-air situation is a tricky one. We need to see a lawyer about our wills, advanced directives, and powers of attorney. The typical case is to put the eldest in charge, but I’d rather give all my children a say. (You know, pull the plug or not!) I had to make such decisions three times now, and I didn’t like it. With three kids, there would never be a tie!

So, I’m juggling quite a few things right now, and I’m ready to just make some decisions. I’ll let you know when I do.




  1. with my mom, we will all contribute to the decisions, we did with my dad also. as for myself and the hubs, both of my sons will make the decisions together.

    i love when you cook, i would love to have you cook for make great meals!!!

    1. With my dad, my mom wasn't able to make decisions, and since I was the one who was always there, it fell on me. My dad was POA for my aunt, and when he died, it fell on my shoulders. Then last fall, with my mom, it was again my decision. I want my kids to share equally in any decisions for our well-being.
      I love it when I cook, too. Last night was quite yummy! Tonight...leftovers! LOL

  2. There is something sad about books in a bookcase being off putting to buyers. It's just not right. I have all the wallpaper off now but the walls are unpainted. Maybe I should leave them let the next person decided! Sure the realtor will like that idea.

    1. I totally agree. When I see a room filled with books on bookcases, I feel so comfortable. I think I'll leave them as is...or I could arrange them by genre -- or color -- or date -- the list is endless!

      Funny thing -- the people who want to buy my daughter's house said that some rooms needed different colors before they'd commit. ??? Shouldn't the buyer do that?

  3. Gosh, I missed this one. Blame it on the stuff going on at my end, which has included water leaks. So, in our case, money is flowing down the proverbial drain. As for the realtor's tips, I've heard them before. On the one hand, you want to make it easy for the potential buyer to imagine living there. On the other, you're still living there. So I guess you have to ask which is more important, selling the house in a timely way or being comfortable while you're still living there. Only you can answer that.

  4. Oh no! I think that water can be just as devastating as fire -- and I've experienced both! Hope things get better quickly for you!
    That's what the realtor said, but I see a third option. By keeping the home comfy and lived in, the buyers know 1) it has been filled with love, and 2) this is how we could live here, too.