Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Busy Week

My son came over last night to check out the electrical circuitry. All is well! He also told me that he and his brother can’t come to dinner on Wednesday, and could they make it on another night. I offered tonight, and he said he’d check it out and let me know. My other son called this morning to say he can’t come tonight, but they can both make it on Thursday. That’s the day we’re sitting for the little ones again, so it’ll be a big bash with both big and little boys.

I told my youngest grandie that we could make cookies again this week. I had frozen dough in the downstairs freezer we could use. Unfortunately, when the circuit went off, we didn’t know that the freezer was on the same line. When my son came last night, he informed us. So, all of that food had to go. My husband said it was mostly jars of homemade chicken and beef stock, along with the dough and a cake. I’m not upset about such a small amount. But it means cookies from scratch, now.

The little grand loves Daniel Tiger*, so I’ll make cookies around that theme. I have a recipe for butter sugar cookies that I make into large circles. If I bake them tomorrow, I can let the kiddos decorate them to be tigers. I’ll let them drizzle caramel and chocolate for the tiger stripes, and we can use mini chocolate chips for eyes and nose. It will be messy, but I think they’ll have fun doing it. They also love the taste of that particular cookie – so, win-win!

I tried to figure out what food I can make that both the little and big guys will like. I decided on a pasta bake with meatballs and sausage. It’s an easy do-ahead and I think they’ll like it. I just need to boil up some pasta (penne, fusilli, or ziti), and make my sauce in the slow cooker ahead of time. In a long baking dish, I’ll place the pasta and sauce and add some ricotta and mozzarella. I’ll stir in some dried onion, garlic, oregano, and basil. After it’s covered with aluminum foil, it bakes for twenty-five minutes covered and twenty uncovered. While the sauce is cooking, I’ll make some meatballs and put them and some sausage in the pot to cook. It sounds long, but it’s really pretty simple. I’ll just get brownies from the store for dessert.

When my husband drives my son back to Philly after dinner, I’ll do some crafts with the little boys. Because that same son leaves for Cape Cod on Saturday, my husband will pick up Kasey, the fur boy, when he’s over in the city. We’ll have a full house and lots of excitement. I just have to remember to not overdo and to stay cool. Fingers crossed that I don’t have another attack!

Today will be a shopping trip for my husband to get all the ingredients, and tomorrow, I’ll cook and bake. If I do a little at a time, I should be able to handle it.

*Daniel Tiger is an animated show on PBS. It’s based on the puppet from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. The show teaches pre-schoolers how to handle different situations, and it includes all the characters from the original show.


  1. Hi Muff - too bad about the lost food. But your attitude is a big win!! Love the pasta bake idea, I make one called a pizza-pasta-bake, all the same ingredients but adding pepperoni - and believe t or not cheddar cheese in the layers and mozzarella on top and of course my homemade sauce - yum!! Enjoy your visit. I am still healing and hoping for all good outcomes, Amen
    Love Gail

    1. The food could have been worse; we only had a few things in that freezer. The bad part was the melted chocolate ice cream! Your pizza bake would go over well with my boys, but I don't like pepperoni. Hope you continue to get well.

  2. Stay cool and have fun with your grands! I hope you feel great all week! :)

    1. I WILL have fun with those little guys -- nothing ensures a smile more than a visit from them!

  3. Wow, you do have some busy days ahead of you. Enjoy the time when your home swells with family!!

    1. You're so right -- nothing is better than being together with family!