Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday Medley

I had to forego the Friday Fragments, so I’ll do the little tidbits today.

Guests: My daughter and SIL had tickets for Billy Joel, so we had the pleasure of minding the little guys on Thursday  night. In the beginning, the mommy and daddy were supposed to come back here and sleep over. However, my daughter’s mother-in-law will be staying with them so my SIL can oversee her recuperation and treatments. They had a visiting nurse scheduled to stay over at their house and take care of the mother; unfortunately, she could only come for a few hours. So, they were going to come here after the concert and pick up the boys while they were sleeping. I convinced her to just go home, and we would deliver the little ones the next day. Our visit wasn’t that long, but we had time to do their favorite things and serve their favorite foods. We’ll repeat the routine this Thursday when it will be the Jimmy Buffett concert.

Not ALL Good: Our babysitting time was marred by my going into a small attack. I was fine all day, but when my daughter called to let me know about the change, I lost my balance when I was getting the phone. I fell onto the love seat, but my body immediately starts reacting negatively. My energy was totally sapped, and I just couldn’t move. This has happened quite a few times this summer. Some insignificant event will throw me into a tailspin. It never lasts long, but I’m a mess while it’s happening. I need help getting up from the chair, I can’t walk well (or at all,) I get all panicky and think I’m going to fall, and I feel hot and exhausted. Of course, such weakness means I can’t get up the steps, and I’m forced to sleep (or not) downstairs. I need help with everything, and my poor husband gets stuck being the helper. It happened again yesterday, so I had another sleepless night in the family room. I never got to make the return of the kiddies; my husband did it all himself.

Service Call: We have a service contract with our electric company that covers all of our appliances, hot water heater, and other things. This time it was the dishwasher that stopped working – it kept throwing the circuit breaker. The guy just left, but it wasn’t the DW acting up; it was the circuit itself. I’m relieved that things worked out well.

Dinner: Our church hosted a gala dinner celebration for all ministries yesterday at a very nice restaurant. My husband went, but I declined. It’s the same as always. I have trouble cutting food, and I have to get my husband to do it. I’m greatly bothered by noise, and I go crazy. I’m not sure about bathroom facilities and how I’ll maneuver in them. It’s just easier to not go.

More Family Found: I was on FB and saw a photo of an aunt and uncle who died years ago. I also lost touch with their daughter many years ago. The person who posted the photo was the daughter of that cousin, and I started an online conversation with her. She told me that my cousin died eight years ago from diabetic complications. This daughter will be around my children’s age, so I’ll plan to keep in touch.

Weather: We’re in the midst of an eight-day heat wave with temps in the 90s. Need I say more? I’ll be spending my days inside, again!

Books:  I have two I want to discuss, but I’ll do it in another post.

That’s it for now.




  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, Judy. Right now, I'm actually feeling great!

  2. Ugh the heat - yuk. We are doing the triple digits here. Glad your dishwasher/circuit was an easy fix.

    1. I feel guilty even talking about the heat with all that you west-coast guys are going through!! Stay safe!

  3. It's the heat Muff. Heat wave here with high humidity. I am a mass of quivering jelly.

    1. I know you're right. Even if I stay indoors, it still seems to affect me. I'll be so glad when the cooler weather arrives! Keep well or add some peanut butter to your jelly!!