Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Another Crazy Week's End

As I’ve written we’ve been sitting for the two little guys last week and the week before. It’s week number three, and no more concerts; however, we’ll be watching the older one while the younger undergoes a tonsillectomy. We’ve been back and forth trying to coordinate our schedules, but I think we’ve firmed it up. The mom and dad will bring him here tonight, after his kindergarten orientation. We’ll return him on Friday.

My SIL’s hospital schedules are crazy, plus my husband is working extra because the owner has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is undergoing treatment. I can’t drive, so I’m pretty useless, and my daughter will be with the younger one. So, arriving at a suitable solution was no easy task. He may be asleep when they get here tonight, but his bed is all ready. Now, if only he wouldn’t get up so early, everything would be perfect. My husband will be at the store all day tomorrow, but I have plenty of activities to keep him busy. We’ll do loads of crafts, and if I can manage, maybe we’ll bake. I’d love to take him outside, but I don’t trust myself alone. Poppy can do that on Friday. And…we still have Kasey in the mix!

In the meantime, my one son who isn’t on vacay, had planned to come tomorrow for dinner. It’s his girlfriend’s birthday, and I thought we’d celebrate. I would have a quick-and-easy menu – steak on the grill, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, and salad. We could get a cake from the bakery. Unfortunately, she wants to go out to eat, so they won’t be here.

Because of the busyness, I’ll be offline, but I’ll write again on Monday.




  1. enjoy your time muff, i hope you have some good quality time with the little one!!!

  2. gOOD TO visit your blog again! family--whata wonderful way to be busy!