Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Fragments

I can’t believe how fast this week went by – I must be having fun!

Weather:  We have had the most glorious cool weather. It’s been rainy, but I’ll take the storms if I get this cool down. It’s been in the 50s at night and early morning! I can definitely see the difference in how my body is affected. When we had that awful heat, I was dragging – I could hardly move my feet. Then when it went away, I was [almost] agile. I move around easier, and the steps don’t loom ominously before me. I know this weather won’t last, but I am enjoying it while it’s here.

Dinner: I took the boys to Thailand this week, and we loved it. My husband wasn’t crazy about it, but he did admit that it was better than he had anticipated. I made a chicken dish using chicken tenderloins (you can use boneless thighs or cutlets, too.) I just dredged them in seasoned flour and browned them. I removed them and placed them in a baking dish. In the same pan, I mixed ginger, garlic, brown sugar, soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, and a few red pepper flakes. After it was well blended, I poured it over the chicken and left it in a slightly warm oven [170°.] Meanwhile, I made thin noodles with some broccoli. I made a sauce using the same ingredients as above, but in different amounts, and I added a half cup of peanut butter. The noodles and sauce were mixed together and put in another baking dish and into the oven, too. Then, my husband sliced two zucchinis lengthwise in thin strips. (Using a mandolin makes this step much easier!) Again, I used the same spices but added chopped peanuts. I wanted to make a banana dessert, but I ran out of time and energy, so we just had ice cream. I will definitely make this again! I think we’re going to northern Africa next week!

Visitors: My daughter is bringing the little guys for a visit this afternoon, and the older one will stay for a few days. My SIL’s mother is still very sick in the hospital, and they’ve been running back and forth to be with her. My taking the one little one will help them a little bit. I know I’ll have a ball playing with him, and I’m really looking forward to his stay. He’s now into Mexican foods, so I’ll be having tacos and quesadillas, along with nachos and salsa. More culinary travels! At least he still likes pancakes for breakfast – they’re easy. 

Invitation: One of my old classmates, who lives in New England, will be in Philadelphia at the end of the month, and she wants to meet up with us for lunch. Several other friends will be going, but I haven’t yet replied. Why? Well, for starters, if I say I’ll go, they’ll want to come to Jersey, and I don’t feel like taking care of the reservations. The date (6/29) will be right after the wedding we’re supposed to attend, and I may be too tired. I’d have to have my husband take me, and he gets uncomfortable when he doesn’t know many people. I also have to be sure the venue is accessible, and I’ll need my husband’s help wheeling me to the restroom. That’s a lot of planning for a simple lunch! I’ll decide by next week.

Books: There isn’t much on TV, so I’ve been reading more. I liked Marisa de Los Santos’s The Precious One, and I finished it quickly. The story line was nothing great, but her writing is exquisite. Now, I’m finishing I Must Say, Martin Short’s memoirs. I don’t enjoy his skipping around in time. I’m so OCD (CDO or ODC, if you like things orderly,) that I want things in chronological order. My next book is The Glass Kitchen.

I probably won’t be online for a few days, but I should return by next Wednesday!



  1. Thanks for taking me to Thailand, too. When we go out, the local Thai restaurant has a ginger chicken rice soup that I carry home. They also have summer rolls wrapped in rice paper and filled with chicken and various veggies that I can eat safely. I love the food. You'll have fun hanging out with your extended family. I'll be here to read your blog when you come back.

    1. I really like Asian foods -- well, a lot of them. They taste great, and I know they're healthy. Now, I can add Thai to that list. My husband's taste buds died of boredom ages ago, so I wait for my boys to help me eat them!

  2. You are very adventurous with food! We had Tacos in a bag this week:)

    1. I'm really not into Mexican cuisine, but my little grandie loves it!

  3. you really do make the coolest dishes and are not afraid to try new things. i always make the same ole' stuff!!

    the weather has been awesome and we really needed the rain!!!

    1. Trust me, if it weren't for my boys' weekly visit, we'd be eating the same ol', same ol', too! My husband's adventurous spirit does not extend to food. But he's a trooper, and he tries everything I make!