Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Love When A Plan Comes Together

For me, that’s often the case. I plan well, and things fall into place. However, there are times when things do not go as planned, and I’m not happy. I never went shopping on Tuesday because my husband convinced me that it was too hot and I needed to rest. So, no new top was purchased, but I can go another time. Instead, I stayed inside in the cool house and wrapped gifts.

The next plan: surviving yesterday. I did, but not always according to what I had envisioned. I did not sleep well; my mind just wouldn’t stop playing. I got up at 6:00, but I was dragging. A shower and getting dressed wore me out, and I moved slower and slower. My husband helped me by putting the pork into the slow cooker with some onion and garlic. We left the house later than I had planned, but there was no traffic to impede our progress. All looked well.

Then we couldn’t find a parking space, so we parked a block away from the little church where the graduation was occurring. There was a curb that I needed to negotiate in order to get into the wheelchair, and I struggled with the process. It was also extremely hot and muggy, and I could feel myself wilting. We got into the hall just as things were starting, and I got the cameras ready. It’s funny – when I’m in the chair, the crowds part to let me through – somewhat like the Red Sea! The little ceremony was adorable: the little kids in caps and gowns, receiving little medals around their neck (most of the kids played with them during the performances – giggles,) and singing songs. My little guy had a solo singing about the weather, and he was great. It was over in forty minutes, and then there was a little reception.

As everyone ate, I asked my husband to wheel me to the restroom. That created a ‘situation’ because the piano and amps were somewhat blocking the door. So, in true manly fashion, my husband and another guy assessed the best approach. They attracted more guys and eventually decided to move everything. Meanwhile, my bladder is yelling and I needed to get in there quickly. I finally made my way in, but I had to do some twisting and turning in a “handicapped-accessible” bathroom. It was big, but the grab bars weren’t easy for me to use. Thankfully, I made it before *disaster* -- my biggest fear! Outside the room, though my husband began talking to all the guys he just met, and several people tried to get into the room. What a fiasco!

We stayed for a little longer but declined my daughter and SIL’s invitation to go back to their house. We gave them the gifts, and we headed north. I was wrung out, but the AC revived me slightly. The outside steps were still a problem, but I made it. My boys had texted during the ceremony that they couldn’t make it for dinner. So, I just finished the meat and mixed the watermelon salad. Even with the little speed bumps, I was still doing all right. Then it hit! At 1:00 A.M., the AC in my bedroom went off as well as all the electric there. My husband flipped the circuit breaker, but the AC still stayed off. So, I sweltered the rest of the night! Now we need to get things going before tonight.

I have no plans for today, so I’m hoping to recoup some energy. This dang MS isn’t for sissies!! And it certainly doesn’t always align with my planning!




  1. my neuro told me on my last visit, that you can become symptomatic if your body temperatures raises just one degree. that symptoms caused by heat can last 24 hours. it seems we will always be in trouble in the heat.

    there is a wal-mart in freehold, a pretty new store, that it is almost impossible to navigate in a wheel chair. i have mentioned it several times to management and it has never been changed.

    i hope you get the a/c-electric problem fixed!!!

    1. I know you're right about heat being our nemesis, but sometimes I just forget to act quickly enough to avoid the meltdown!
      The ADA requires 36" passageways, but says nothing about racks blocking access.
      AC already fixed and running!

  2. "MS isn’t for sissies" You're right, and you're definitely not a sissy!

    1. Thanks, but sometimes I AM a whiny b****!

  3. Well, you soldiered on in spite of plans not always unfolding according to your wishes. It must have been a treat to see your grandsons's solo performance.

    1. The hole ceremony was adorable, and I give those teachers kudos for the work they do!