Monday, April 27, 2015

Getting Back to Normal

We drove down to my daughter’s home to get the little ones on Friday, and despite a chill in the air, it was a nice ride. I read a lot in the car because, since I stopped driving, I get nervous watching other cars around me. The boys were packed and ready to go when we arrived, so we just visited for a short time, then got them strapped into their car seats and headed north. The older one had his dad’s iPad and played games; the younger one asked for my phone, then asked, “Nanny, you got Anghy Boids on here?” Sorry to say, I don’t. So, he just gave a huge sigh and fell asleep. Meanwhile, the other one asked me to charge his iPad because the battery signal was on. Sorry, again, but my charger was at home. Are these kids growing up in a whole new world or what?  A good thing, though, he sang for us – such a sweet little voice.

Once we arrived home, the boys decided they didn’t want to garden. They preferred doing arts and crafts and that’s fine with me. We had homemade pizza for dinner because they get to help with the toppings. We had a DVD ready to play, but after their ice cream, they both said they were tired and wanted to go to bed. No complaints from me! Because my husband’s back has been bad, he started sleeping in the front guest room, so he could spread out and pile pillows around him. The older boy slept in the other room, and I took the younger one in with me. They both slept well, but I was awake all night. I kept worrying that I might roll on the child, and that thought kept me from sleeping. Bleary-eyed by morning, I helped get them dressed and Poppy took them down for breakfast. I showered and dressed quickly and had time to play with them before the mommy and daddy came. By 11:00, they were off to the aquarium, and I debated napping or staying awake. I chose the latter, thinking I’d sleep better that night. I did – for ten hours and right through my alarm buzzing. I missed going to church, but I felt so rested. Now, we’re pretty much back to normal.

My husband did the planting yesterday and wants to add still more flowers to the gardens. I’m begging him to go slowly because he’s still struggling with the back. He doesn’t listen, though. Already this morning, he helped me move some winter clothes (almost the last) into storage, even though I said it wasn’t necessary. I just want him to get his back well before he starts in on more chores. Men!! The weather is supposed to warm up this week, and I really want to get outside before I miss the rest of spring! My big boys promised to clear out a section of the back yard, and I’d love to have a little potting shed there, but I’m not sure that will happen. We’re downsizing, right? My dreams have to be stashed away!

Well, now that we’re back to normal, I must get on with the day. I did enjoy my little visit, though!




  1. hehehe, kids that "want" to go to bed and a husband that wants to plant more flowers!! you got it made in the shade muff!!! hehehe

    the weather here this weekend was awesome and we got lots of fun stuff in!!!

    1. I know -- I'm really lucky!
      I hope the spring weather lasts just a bit longer before the real heat sets in.

  2. I agree with Debbie's opening paragraph. I'm glad things worked out so well.

  3. How easy was that babysitting job? It sure sounds as though you needed to catch up on some sleep.

    1. The sitting itself was a cinch -- the sleeping, not so much. I'm fine, now, though.