Thursday, February 26, 2015

Grrr, Grumble, Bah, Mumble...

Last night after dinner, I asked my son to update one of my computer programs. When he came back to the kitchen, he said he updated several of them. He assured me that all would be well when I went to work on the computer this morning. All was NOT well. Grrrrr…

I kept getting messages that the computer was restarting, that some updates didn’t complete, and that Windows was reconfiguring. Of course, you realize that I understand NONE of this. But the one message I did heed was ‘Do Not Turn Off The Computer.’ I didn’t. I waited for over an hour for things to right themselves. Grumble…

Finally, my start-up screen came on. Hurray!! Then, just as quickly everything went off, and I began to get more screen messages. While I waited – again – I straightened the top of my desk, I filed some notes, I threw out old papers, I re-read some cards, and I stewed. Bah…

Then everything came back, except when I went to open Outlook. I got the message that another application was in process. When I went to Word, I got the message that Windows Office was reconfiguring. All I had at that point was internet access. Mumble…

Now, I think I have everything working again, but a decent post is not happening! My so-called schedule today is late getting started, so I’ll just finish this and be back tomorrow. Hopefully, I’ll be in a better mood.

Grrrr… Grumble…Bah…Mumble…

Not –so-peaceful,



  1. awwwww muff, I so get it!! I recently took my notebook to the Russians (my computer fixers) they told me the same thing. Everything was different and I immediately got another virus and had to go back.

    Now I'm getting a message that my windows program is not valid. It might be time for a Mac, I love my iPad and it never gives me a headache!!

    1. Actually, there was no virus. He had just updated so much that everything was slow starting back up. I know what you mean about a Mac -- I'm leaning in that direction.
      Funny thing -- the other day, I told my son that I needed to get a new iPhone. He and his brother tried to convince me that other phones were better.Then the one said, "Oh, I know, older people really love Apple products!!" I almost clobbered him!!!

  2. Sorry you had to go through this, but methinks this was a decent post. I hope things remain in good order.