Friday, February 27, 2015

Friday Fragments

Well, let’s see what needs to be cleaned out of the old brain…

Dinner Success: Wednesday night’s Chinese dinner was really good. I was able to get both of the dishes completed, the rice finished, and the egg rolls in the oven in perfect time. The boys loved the meal. When they go back for seconds, I know they enjoyed it!  They already told me that they can’t come next week, but we will be getting Kasey, the Golden. They’ll be headed to Mt. Washington in New Hampshire for a hiking/camping trip. So my husband and I will probably eat something very simple, rather than traveling the globe.

Funny Baking: I’ve written about how I’m baking up a storm for my daughter’s bake sale. Well, after doing a bunch and freezing, she asks me to partake in the little guys’ pre-school fund raiser. They’re selling cookies and other baked goods! Seriously? So, I’m baking from scratch, then buying ready-made items! Seems rather comical to me!

Birthday Party: We’ll drive down on Sunday to celebrate the little guy’s fifth birthday. He’s having a Star Wars theme. So, I bought him three talking Star Wars figures and a light saber. I also got him and his little brother bathrobes, and the littler one gets a thirty-second month birthday gift of a new puzzle set. I like to include both of them on birthdays in small ways.

Sleep Study: The little of the two guys is still having some upper respiratory issues. He had bad ear infections as a baby and eventually had tubes inserted and his adenoids removed. He still kept getting colds this year – nearly every other week. So, it was back to DuPont to see the ENT. He wants the little guy to undergo a sleep study to make sure he’s breathing okay. He does a lot of mouth breathing. So, they’ll head there on Sunday night after we leave, and my daughter will stay with him. I’m praying they get some answers.

Commercials: I know most of you don’t watch ads, but there are two on TV that I really like. The one is for Android, and it shows all different kinds of animals paired up. I love watching it, even though I have no idea how it’s connected to Android. Then there’s the one for Subaru with a Golden driving and a Lab playing the wife. Two little Goldens are in the back seat. They’re called the Barkley’s, and I just love them!

Why: There are so many serious and important things happening in our world, and I write all this drivel. Why? I like to think of it as an escape mechanism. I can’t watch or read about all the bad things that are happening and not want to get away from it all. So I fluff up my blond hair and talk about trivial matters.

Books: I loved Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies, and I highly recommend it. She’s an Aussie, and her books take place there. So, you learn about the country while you enjoy the story. Now I’m into another Bohjalian that takes place in Italy, 1943 – Love in the Ruins.  So far it’s pretty good.

That’s all for another week.



  1. fun stuff today muff....really funny about the baked goods. oh well!!!! have an amazing weekend, we may have snow on sunday!!!!

  2. Hi Muff - happy Friday and weekend. I love your family gatherings. I miss my kids being closer. Sigh - thanks for the book recommendations. And I love that dog commercial too. The b'day party sounds wonderful - enjoy. We are headed to the grocery store. We always have fun no matter what we do together. We are making a turkey pot pie for Sunday dinner - it is going to be an icy-snowy day so the pot pie will be comforting. Tomorrow we hope to go out for a bite to eat and take a drive along the shore. Tonight it is 'happy-hour' with my sister, wine, appetizers and laughs - we have named it "happy-tizer' and folks call and ask to join us - they bring an app or some wine nd we share and it is a fun feast. :-) It has become tradition and popular. My Mom would love that we gather and have fun. Ya, she would love it. Take care Muff
    Love, Gail

    1. You have an extremely active life! Good for you!

  3. Replies
    1. That's about all I have anymore -- very boring life right now!

  4. The weeks seem to be going by fast. Your family will have been around the world before we know it. Hope all turns out well for the little grandson.

    1. I hope we can do all parts of the globe, then settle into good ol' American meals!