Wednesday, January 7, 2015

One Last Look at Christmas

As I see the last of the boxes and bins being stored, I know that my magical season is over for another year. I took a few photos to share, though. Please excuse the blurriness on some – my hands spazz at times!

The older one with his Hess truck.

 The younger one with his new snow shovel.

Santa comes to Nanny and Poppy's house, too!

These will keep them busy for a while!

The living room mantle unlit.

The "kids' tree" is filled with angels to represent the two of them [wink, wink!]

When we had our house fire, we lost our special creche. My sister
found this one for us, and I really love it!

The dining room tree is covered with silver balls and crystal ornaments.

These are some of the crystal pieces.

We bought this in Ireland at the Waterford factory.
It's a replica of the pieces used in the ball on Times Square!

This is another Irish Waterford one -- maid a-milking.


This piece is big and heavy -- crescent Father Christmas.


Angel with trumpet.



Mantle with lights.

And that's just a small view of Christmas here in Muffieland!!



  1. the house looks so warm and inviting!!! the little ones are becoming bigger ones!!!

    1. The little guys ARE growing -- it happens too fast!

  2. Hi Muff - beautiful pictures to honor your Christmas treasures, (INCLUDING THE KIDS :-) ).... We so enjoy our seasons decor as well - so many memories and time honored family love and tradition. I put a few pictures up as well of our Christmas decorations and tree. It was so festive and cozy. We are all packed up now ad I am enjoying the space to move about. Phew..We are int the midst of an extreme arctic blast - windchills 25 below zero tonight and snow squalls.
    Peace to you

    1. You're right -- the decorations are merely things -- the people are the important part. We, too, are freeeezing!!!

  3. you have some beautiful ornaments/decorations. I loved the angels on the kids' tree.