Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

I never got to my Friday Fragments because…

So Sick:  After my husband came home from the hospital, he didn’t seem to be able to hold food in him. Everything he ate – all on a prescribed diet – went through him quickly. We both assumed [such a bad thing to do] that it was the result of either the trauma to his system or the side effects of the antibiotics. Then last Tuesday night, I had the same problem. Immediately, I blamed the dinner I had eaten – roast chicken, baked potato, green beans which would hardly cause tummy troubles. I only ate crackers on Wednesday and Thursday, but by Thursday night, I was really sick. My husband was also still suffering. When my husband went to his regular doctor on Friday, he found out that neither the diverticulitis nor the type of antibiotics he was on would cause such a thing. The doctor put him right on Imodium and gave him a prescription for something stronger if needed. The doctor felt that my husband had picked up an intestinal ‘bug’ at that hospital and shared it with me. We both started taking it, and by Sunday, I started to feel better. After that, I’ve stuck to a bland diet, and I’m only introducing things a little at a time. It was horrible being that sick.

Sleep: I’ve never had the insomnia that other MSers talk about. I used to sleep like a baby. When the stress of my husband’s illness, my sudden spurt of falls, and the uncertainty of our future began to weigh heavily on me, I couldn’t sleep. I’d lie for hours, begging sleep to come, but just tossing around and thinking. Then, during the day, I’d start to nod, only to be jolted awake. An hour here, minutes there, were all adding up, and I was exhausted. Finally, yesterday, after I found myself dozing and jolting all day, I knew I had to do something. I tried some yoga breathing, took some Benadryl (although I was worried it could affect my stomach,) and changed my pillows. I had the best night’s sleep! Now, I just hope it continues.

Future: At least that’s one area which has been somewhat remedied. My daughter and SIL bought a house. It came with a beautiful suite that we would use as our apartment. It even had two bathrooms – one regular, one accessible. I was really excited about this and began to relax. Then, there was some kind of fight between my SIL and his sister, and before I knew it, he was putting his mother in the suite and having a new one built in the house for us. I was hurt and dismayed, but I keep my mouth shut. They’re settling on the house on November 19th, but we’ll have to wait longer now. It’s upsetting because I was really beginning to look forward to the future. Now, I’m just drifting.

Dinner: We were supposed to celebrate my husband’s birthday this past Sunday, but with my being sick, we postponed it until tomorrow – his actual birthday. It was a major shift, but I’m learning to be flexible. It won’t be a lavish affair; I just made lasagna, meatballs, and a pineapple upside-down cake – his usual birthday request. I probably will only eat a small bit, but I want to stay well.

I don’t want to get overly tired, so I’ll end here. I need to read all your past posts, and soon, I’ll be leaving comments again.




  1. I hope the building happens fast! Perhaps it will be even nicer that the other one! So sorry to hear you got a bug...hope you stay well now:)

    1. I doubt that it will move quickly -- like building a small house. We are really feeling so much better!

  2. That bug sounds horrible. I am glad you are feeling better.

    1. Trust me -- it was horrible. Every day, we both get stronger!