Thursday, October 1, 2015


While I wrote about the main events from my miserable week, I noticed little things that also happened. First – I had no cash here. I could have sent my kiddoes to the ATM, but since I never use it, I’m not sure where the extra card is. Fortunately, I have a debit cash card – my husband puts money in it, and I can use it for online purchases. I gave it to the kids whenever we needed food, etc. It worked out well.

Then there was the whole phone debacle. I always carry my cell when I’m alone, but when I dropped it, I was in trouble. Van reminded me that I could have used Siri to call the police, but I didn’t know that. Just to be safe, Van bought me a life alert button. I can wear it as a pendant or a bracelet. I still need to go through it all again with him. He also bought me a shower head with a hose to attach to the sink in the powder room. Great, but where does the excess water go? I’ll have to put on my thinking cap.

Meals were haphazard during the week. I couldn’t get into a cooking frame of mind, and I couldn’t plan anything. That’s how addled my brain was! Two nights were takeout, one was the gift from my neighbor, then we just winged it once my husband came home – soup, sandwiches, eggs, etc. On Sunday, I’m planning lasagna which I’ll make ahead on Saturday. I have to get back to my normal routine by next week.

I was very fortunate that my daughter did all the laundry when she was here. I could never have done it. I didn’t ask them to clean, but my boys did it anyway. It was as if I had my own minions! Now, they just stop by to check on us, and I can see the difference. I’m lucky that my husband is feeling so much better. He can start doing these things again, little by little.

When the boys did any shopping, they put the groceries away – in the place they were when they lived here! If we can’t find something, I wrack my brain trying to remember where it used to be. Funny how they hearken back to previous times. I can definitely find humor amidst the chaos!

Tomorrow I’ll do some fragments.




  1. awwww muff, thing are looking up!!! just in time for a hurricane!!!!

  2. You have been blessed in your family, that is for sure.

  3. Good for your kids helping out! A Life Alert should work great for you...:)

  4. Lol...when i can't find anything, will asked son to find as he knows everything.☺

  5. Sounds very much like my own days & MS nonsense... minus the kiddos, but I do have a 19-year-old cat who's cranky enough for anyone. I try to keep stuff where *I* used to keep it, but Other People put things away in places that make sense to *them*... which doesn't always work for me. Oh well!