Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wednesday What-nots

Once again, I just have a few jottings. Not much is happening, but SO much is happening. Know what I mean?

There will always be snags!  As I work on being productive about downsizing, rarely do things go easily. I mentioned the desks I wanted to ditch, and my husband worked diligently to get them ready for the boys to move. My suggestion was to empty the drawers and cubbies, take the drawers out, and then move the lighter weight item. Wouldn’t you know it – the top drawer was locked with items inside! I never knew it locked, and I have no idea where the key is! He tried a screwdriver and a skeleton key he found – no luck. Maybe my boys can figure it out. The other desk can’t move until the locked one is moved. It’s always something.

Hearing from friends:  I got a phone call from my girlfriend, asking me to join her for lunch in October, the month between our two birthdays. She also needed a friendly ear since she’s been going through a lot of heartache with her parents. They’re getting older and they need to be in a care facility, but her father is an awful curmudgeon, and he just won’t budge. They live an hour away, and my poor friend has been taking off from work and going there twice a week. They did a decluttering (the dad hoards) and used some huge dumpsters to get rid of everything. They’re working on the outside and garage now, and the dad is just awful to her. I let her talk and cry because she really needed to vent.
Then, my friend who is hosting the reunion on Saturday wanted to try and work on getting me into the house. I assured her it best I not attend. She reluctantly accepted this but said they would miss my dry and amusing wit. (I think she meant my sarcasm!!)

Belated birthday gift:  Since I made myself housebound this summer, I didn’t get out to shop for a birthday gift for my son’s girlfriend. I’ll try to do it today. She loves making greeting cards with stamps and paper punches. I’ve gotten her stamps and inks in the past, and I want to get her some blank cards and decorative papers this time. So, if I remain in good shape, we’ll go to the store before my boys arrive.

Dreams:  I’m not sure why, but I’ve been having some really vivid dreams again. They’re not bad ones, but I remember all the details when I wake up. Last night I was a cocktail waitress in one! Where did that come from?? In another, I was a teacher who couldn’t find her clothes! …and I mean naked teacher! Seriously?? I laugh just remembering them.

I don’t have anything else for now.




  1. hehehe, weird dreams, i have them as well!!! one of my favorite??? or one i always have is, i am standing in front of my school locker and i can't remember the combination. i have that dream all the time!!!

    your words left me wondering if you filled the desk drawer and locked it, or if perhaps someone else did....and what you will find locked away in it!!

    1. I think I may investigate to see the meanings of these dreams. Yours is funny.
      Read today's post about that desk drawer.

  2. As a guy who has done his share of Getting Into Things... screwdriver will work; it may get ugly, but it'll work.

    1. In the end, the screwdriver worked, and it wasn't even 'ugly!'

  3. There is always something, you are so right. Sigh.
    As a card maker myself, I know she will enjoy your thoughtful gift. Never too much decorative paper.
    I have some curious dreams sometimes as well. I like when I can remember enough of a dream to think about what it might possibly mean the next morning.

    1. I wish my hands worked better so I could make cards (besides my computer ones.) I have tons of ideas but no way to execute them. [sigh]