Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tuesday Tidbits

Not enough info for a post – just a few jottings…

I’m Just a Gal Who Must Say NO!!  This coming Saturday is the date of my high school reunion. If you remember, one of the gals offered her house at the shore. Many people buy half and even thirds of a house, make them into duplexes, and still have the pleasure of the shore. Such is the case with my girlfriend’s house – it’s the second story, with steps leading to their porch and entryway. There’s no way I can climb them, and I’d be exhausted even trying. So, as in many instances, I had to decline. I waited until yesterday to send my regrets because otherwise, my friends would have either changed the venue or tried to get me up the stairs. I’ll miss seeing everyone, but I think this is better.

Now It’s MY Turn:  During the time I was waiting for a diagnosis, I visited a doctor in Philadelphia at Jefferson Hospital. He did my first spinal tap, but he wasn’t able to give me a diagnosis. I remember my first visit there. The waiting room was huge and filled with patients. I did my usual people watching while I waited, and I was appalled at some of their conditions. This was an MS office, and I didn’t think I had that. One woman came in using a walker and looking exhausted. Her clothes were somewhat askew, and her hair was a bit mussed. Snobby I wondered why anyone would go out looking that. Several people were in wheelchairs, and many had a despondent attitude. I was so glad that I didn’t have what they had. Now, I’m one of them. If I didn’t have my patient husband helping me, I would be disheveled and despondent, too.

Furniture Toss: When my boys are here tomorrow, we’ll be getting rid of some of the excess. I have a desk in the corner of my upstairs hall. It’s just decoration because we never use it. It has no antique value, even though it is one. We painted it to coordinate with the blue carpet, and that removes its value. I have another antique desk in one of the bedrooms, and it, too, was painted. So, they’re both being thrown out. Even though this is just a drop in the bucket, I feel as if we’re moving forward.

Giving Up:  When we move, I’ll have to give up some services. Our doctors will need replacing because they’ll be too far away. The same is true for our dentist. My husband will have to leave his little part time job, which he loves. We’ll have to notify everyone of our change of address. My hairdresser thought I’d be leaving her, too, but I’m trying to work out a way to come back every month, just for my hair. Am I nuts, or what?

Tropical Dinner:  I’m working out a menu that includes dishes from the tropics for tomorrow night. I’m also making some of the soft shell crabs that my sister sent me for my birthday. I’m planning to make them tempura style. Maybe we’ll have rice and tropical fruit, too. I’ll research desserts. When we move, I’ll miss these dinners.

That’s all I have.




  1. Can you donate the desks? You would be amazed how an old painted desk can be refinished.

    I hear you about the hairdresser. For years I travelled 2 hours to get my hair done. I was so happy when she moved into the city, now she is 10 minutes away. She has been my hairdresser for 30 years!

    1. Both desks aren't in great condition. If we leave them by the curb, some 'picker' will take them if they think they're salvageable. At this point, I want the least work possible.
      I've only had my hairdresser for twenty years! LOL I've never had any success with anyone else, and I really hope I can keep her!

  2. awwwww muff, this is going to be a difficult time, no doubt about it. i have changed hairdressers so many times i could never keep track. this girl now, has only been cutting it a few months and i like her but i'm not thrilled with how long it takes me to style it.

    i would sell anything you can't keep on craigslist. it's free and i would have your kids put the items in your garage so interested people don't have to come in the house if that frightens you. we use craigslist for everything, so have my kids and we have never had a problem!!!

    1. I've had this hairdresser since 1995 -- 20 years. So, I NEED her!
      We'll definitely be using Craigslist when we get rid of the better pieces of furniture. My boys want to handle that part.

  3. I will be seriously downsizing in the next two months. What a pain it is to sell and move. But I mowed the lawn today and was reminded why I need to simplify.

    1. Did you definitely decide on a new place to live? Breaking up a home is difficult -- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our grass stopped growing in the mini drought, but I don't mow it.

  4. "simplify" calls us to admit that This Precious Thing is just, and perhaps may have been for a while, just sitting there gathering dust. But somehow, it's really really important to keep it?

    I have somewhere some keys to Yale buildings/whatever. It's really really important to keep them. But the building that some of them used to work with doesn't exist any more. So they're basically scrap metal with cool things stamped onto them. But I have to keep them. ? Really?

    I've been giving things away, sometimes selling them. Giving them away brings me joy; a friend says "I can have ***that***?" and he gets it and I hear later how wonderful it is, what he has done with it, Selling my truck was hard, because it forced me to cop to "No, I'm not going to be able to use it any more and it's just eating space in the driveway and at this point in my life, wheelchair and all, I'd rather have an empty driveway. (And so would my wife, for her own and very valid reasons.)

    What's more important, unusable things or a life that frees you from...stuff? As a friend of mine was told in divinity school, funeral shrouds don't come with pockets.

    1. I've pretty much moved on from the emotional muddle I created about leaving this house. Now, I am trying to see it all as 'just things' and look positively on the unknown future. I like the funeral shroud concept.