Thursday, September 17, 2015

Nancy Drew and Yummies, Too

As we struggled yesterday with that desk drawer, I began to think of it as a Nancy Drew mystery – The Case of the Locked Drawer.  When the boys came, they just grabbed a smaller screwdriver and worked at it. No damage was done, and they were able to take out the drawer. Then we heard them laughing, and we figured they found something funny. They came down for dinner, carrying our old passports – mine was from when I was a teen, and my husband’s was a little older. We didn’t know each other way back then, but we sure did look young! My boys were laughing at the pictures and reading all the entries. Then they found their baby books, and we all had a good laugh. The elder had tons of photos and all kinds of information. The younger had many blank pages. What can I say? I was busier when the third child arrived!

Last night, my husband went through the rest. I couldn’t see what he was throwing away, but I soothed my anxiety by thinking that if it hadn’t been important while it was locked away, it wasn’t worth saving. He did find some old photos, and he put them aside for me. He also found a letter from forty years ago! It was from a friend who was living in France so some of it is in French. I wonder what became of her. I guess this will be a recurring theme – finding old items and reminiscing.

We also had a yummy dinner – the boys really loved it. I marinated shrimp in tequila and lime juice, with a little hot pepper flakes. Then they were skewered and grilled. For me, I made a tempura batter for my soft shell crab and sautéed it. I just bought some containers of tropical fruit because I knew my husband wouldn’t feel like paring and chopping. These were drained, dried, and seasoned before they too were grilled. I made wild rice with wilted fresh baby spinach. I placed the rice on one side of the plate and the fruit on the other. The skewered shrimp and my crab went on top. For dessert, I had a store-bought cheesecake and added warmed cherry topping to it. I usually send home doggy bags, but they ate it all! The theme this week was Caribbean Cuisine.

I’m trying to research some foods for next week’s culinary journey. I may end up throwing a dart at a map! And I need to start taking photos!!




  1. It's always fun to lost "treasures".

    1. You're right -- many of my 'finds' bring back fond memories!

  2. So they were your treasures, I wondered!!

    1. What if I had found a secret compartment in that drawer and it was filled with gold? My imagination at work...