Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Fragments

With two other days of tidbits, I don’t have much for this fragments post.

Incident:  I can get into so much trouble when left alone, and yesterday was a good example. My husband was going to be gone all day, working at the store. That usually doesn’t bother me, but yesterday I felt a bit ‘off.’ I struggled to get around, and finally just set myself in front of the TV. A few hours went by, and I went to get up for a potty break. My leg gave out, and I fell back onto the loveseat. Unfortunately, my butt didn’t land there, and I did a slow slide to the floor. I wasn’t hurt, but I knew I couldn’t get up. I was too close to the side table to get into a position to haul myself up. I tried for fifteen minutes, but nothing worked. My husband would be home in less than a half-hour, but I was getting very uncomfortable. I ended up calling him, and he left immediately. He’s only ten minutes away, so I tried to relax. He tried to do a pull up from the front – he had no room to maneuver. He tried from the side – I could see his back was hurting. He tried moving things for me to grasp – didn’t work. He finally called 911, and two police officers were there in minutes. They simply put their one hand on my back and the other under my arm. In two seconds, I was standing and secure. I was also very embarrassed – that’s never happened before. They pushed my apologies aside and accepted my heartfelt thanks. I’m sure the neighbors were wondering why two patrol cars sped up to my house. I’ll let them surmise!
I wanted to get a bagel tray to send over to them, but my husband said they can’t take gifts. I’ll write a letter to the chief and the mayor, commending them for their service.

Aftermath: With that incident embedded in my mind, now I have to deal with my fears. I’m so afraid of going down again that I’m taking just little steps, and I ask my husband to help me a lot. He doesn’t mind, but he tries to calm me by telling me that my mind plays tricks on me. I fret and stew, and then I can’t do anything – walk, do stairs, and pivot. My legs are lead with suction cups for feet. Even though I’m all right, I let myself believe I can’t do it. So this morning, he had to help me with my shower, getting dressed, and coming downstairs. I can’t live with this fear hanging over me. I’ll be alone again tomorrow, and already I’m nervous. I may try some new techniques to use today while my husband is here. Otherwise, I may do a repeat of yesterday.

Waiting:  My daughter and SIL ended up putting a bid on just one house – the one I preferred. They’re supposed to get a response today or tomorrow. My fingers are crossed because if they don’t get this one, the search begins anew. My daughter said they may just settle on their present home, and rent until they find something. I hope it won’t come to that. So, we ‘also serve, who only sit and wait.’ [The Odyssey]

Books/TV:  I gave up on Winter’s Tale – I just couldn’t get into it. So I moved on to The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins and I’m really enjoying it. I heard they’re going to make a movie from it, too. I still have two more books in my stash, and I’ll start one of them soon.
Next week all the new shows begin and I’ll be sucked in. I started going to bed earlier this summer, so I’ll be recording a lot.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend.




  1. I try to remember that "we have nothing to fear, but fear itself." I am alone, have MS, just became widowed and remind myself of this quote daily. Thanks for your blog.

  2. I can only imagine the feeling of being so helpless on the floor, waiting for help. Good luck on the house!

  3. Oh yikes Muff, that's awful. I know exactly how you felt. Reminds of the time I was "stuck" behind the Christmas tree. I was putting the lights on it, went around to the back (which was in a corner). I slipped down behind the tree, couldn't get up, and had to wait till Hubber's got home.

    I am rarely a few inches from my walker when I am in the house on my own.

    Which house is your fave?

  4. This seems very much to be the MS Experience... our "symptoms" aren's "in common," and everyone doesn't have them, but those of us who have similar experiences... oh boy, do we.

    I've spent a lot of time on the floor. Often, funnily enough, I will find something not all that bad, if not full-on fun, lying on the floor. Last time, I found myself really enjoying the air conditioning. It really did make being stuck on the floor significantly more comfortable.

    For me, I try to forestall the falls by making sure they don't START. Before I try to transfer from anything to anything, I make sure my feet are in the best position (that they can be in, at the moment), and during the transfer, keep the weight OVER the feet, and really consciously and intentionally perceive as completely as I can the experience of "weight over the feet, in the best possible way." And if the worst happens.... at least, try to laugh. Find the funny--it makes the floor easier to tolerate.

  5. Oh no! It also hurts to fall and I do not like the fallen and can't get up scene! I do everything I can to make sure I have a chair behind me to fall into, if possible. I try to think ahead but not become afraid of hurts I cannot get back up.....I hold onto walker mostly nowadays. I used to say I have concrete legs to drag around 😡

  6. Yikes on that fall muff, they are so not fun. I hope everything works out with the favorite house, fingers crossed!!

  7. Boy it never fails, when you least expect it... bam!! I'm glad the only thing hurt was your pride. Wonder what the neighbors are saying, oh heck let 'em talk. Hugs and prayers that you are able to over come your fear!!

  8. Just checking in muff, I hope you are ok!!