Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Fragments

I know I said I wouldn’t be back until Monday, but plans changed, and here I am, ready to unload.

Quick Change Artists: Originally, my daughter and SIL planned to drop off the little guys, attend last night’s Jimmy Buffet concert, then go back to their home, allowing us to bring back the little guys this afternoon. Then, SIL got called into the hospital, and they were late getting started. Then, he got calls for interviews all weekend. So, after the concert, they came back here to sleep, and then they headed north a little while ago. So, we had to release our little charges!  We had a good time after the parents left, until out of the blue, the older one went into a total meltdown, sobbing hysterically for his mommy. I couldn’t calm or soothe him at all. So, I let him do a Facetime with my daughter. She knew something was wrong, so they turned around and came back. It seems that he’s been exhibiting a lot of anxiety about starting kindergarten on the 31st, and sometimes, he just loses it. I felt so bad for him, but he soon calmed down. The parents headed out again, and we had dinner. The boys (all of them) loved the pie, so sweets really are good medicine! After that, we decorated cookies, Kasey came to join us, and we all watched some Handy Manny. Bedtime went smoothly, and my little bunkmate slept soundly.

Repeat Performance: Next Thursday, we’ll have the older one when the younger one has a tonsillectomy. The poor little guy has had ear tubes placed twice, his adenoids removed, and now this. The pediatric ENT at Nemours feels it will give him better breathing and stop all the URIs he gets. I’m nervous – it seems a bit much for a three-year-old kid, but I’m not a doctor. So, we’ll go through the same routine next week. I only hope there are no meltdowns.

Broken Record: I know I keep talking about this, but I have still another muscle strain. This time it’s on my left side from my waist up about three inches, then around to my rib cage. It’s the worst one yet, and I know, too, how it happened. Once again, it was from using those muscles too much to pull myself up, while babying the healing right side. I have to be really careful because just one little wrong move, and I scream in agony. While I had the little ones, I kept very still since screams would frighten them. I mentioned it to my SIL, and he said rest and anti-inflammatory drugs are the best remedy. So, I’m already doing that.

Fast Moving: This coming week, I have to decide where we want to move and what furnishings I want to keep. It’s a difficult chore, but I promised my kids that I’d do it. They’d like to see us moved before the end of the year. So, I have my work cut out for me, and I will do the best I can. It’s mind boggling how much we have here. I think I just have to stop thinking with my emotions and let rationality reign.

Books:  I read Every Secret Thing by Laura Lippman, and it was great. It was made into a movie last year, but despite a good cast, it didn’t get good reviews. Critics claimed it was too predictable, but I found the book to have some interesting twists. Now I’m almost finished Blueprints by Barbara Delinsky. The plot is different and the characters are likable, but there’s too much sex for my taste. I have The Color of Light by Karen White waiting for me, and then it’s another list for the librarian.

That’s it for now. Have a great weekend!




  1. your muscle strain sounds like muscle spasms to me. when i described it to my neuro i was surprised he said they were spasms. i take zanaflex and it works really well. the only thing is you have to take it every day, not just when you feel it. but it works pretty well for me, my legs use to feel like 2 x 4's, it's so much better now!! have a good weekend muff, i will be staying home as i am still not feeling well!!

    1. Spasms I've had before -- they're like a Charley horse or cramp. I learned how to stretch to alleviate them. For a while, my legs felt exactly as you described -- planks of wood!
      These strains are like spraining your ankle. You feel the muscle pulling if you move the wrong way. There's really not much you can do other than pain killers, and I don't want to go that route!
      Thanks for your concern -- I just need time. And you, too, get better1

  2. I have worked with a Physical Therapist for over five years. Without her I think my MS would win - with her help I hold my own. I am currently dealing with same muscle pain. Grrrrr.
    Be well.
    A fellow traveler on the MS highway.

    1. Welcome! PT only helped me for a limited time. Mostly I felt exhausted. Hope to see more of your comments!