Friday, June 12, 2015

Friday Fragments

Another grab bag of nonsense…

Uh-Oh:  After I wrote about serving tilapia for my African meal, I read this article.
Oh, yuck! But I always check out such information on Snopes.
 So, the following may seem a little better. However, there will be no more tilapia for me. The blues are running now off the Jersey coast, and I’ll get some soon. This is the only area where bluefish is used for food; in other places, it’s garbage fish. I love it, though, and I don’t care.

Weed Trees: For some reason, over the past few years, there have been shoots of some crazy tree growing on our property. One day a few years ago, my husband spotted it and remarked, “What in *&$# is that?” It grew about six feet tall and then sprang from there. We had a tree service come last year, and they chopped it down. Lo and behold, didn’t it spring up again! Then, we found one growing in the yard. Now I’m seeing a new one on the side. Yikes! It’s certainly some kind of weed, but it grows quickly, and it’s tall before you know it. So, now we have to get someone to take them all down. This time I’m requesting that they dig it up and get rid of any roots. I like nature, but this is overdoing it.

Weather: We’re in the midst of a heat wave. Three days – yesterday, today, and tomorrow – the temperature will be in the 90s. Naturally, I’m staying indoors with the A/C blasting. My husband says it bothers him, but he still goes outside, and he doesn’t seem fazed by it. So, I know it’s I and my crazy internal thermometer. There are areas of the house where it feels particularly warm, especially the upstairs halls. There’s no AC there, and it quickly bakes. Then, I need even more coolness in my room to overcome the heating within me. What a mess I am!

Bugs: Along with the heat, another bane of my summer life is the existence of insects. I. Hate. Bugs!!! The worst are flies – the spawn of the devil! Two summers ago, I tried a solution I saw online – pennies in a plastic bag filled with water. It looked goofy, and I even had people coming to the door asking what it was. It did work, though. We had very few flies that summer. I tried it again last year, but the flies around here must have figured it out because they came again. This year, I’m already aware of them, and I’m looking for natural ways to keep them away. I saw that stringing together CDs and hanging them next to an outer doorway will work. What do I have to lose? If this works, I’ll start on mosquito prevention.

Cute: Has anyone seen the cute video of the two Golden Retrievers holding a tennis ball? Neither will give it up, and neither will fight for it. That’s my Kasey’s way, too. Goldens have such a peaceful nature, and that’s why I love them so much.

Books/TV:  I really didn’t enjoy Martin Short’s I Must Say very much. It jumped around too much and dragged on. I’ll let you know how I liked The Glass Kitchen next week. TV is a bore, and our Roku still isn’t working right.

That’s all for now.




  1. oh, the flies. As my brother was told in cooking school, one should "kill any fly... that you see. They are a menace to you... and all societ--ee." (To rhyme.) We're being buzzed by one, I hope I let it outside yesterday, but who knows? Web says they only last a month, but who wants to wait that long>

    1. I should frame that quote! I can't stand them even for an hour or a day -- I'd never last a month! Shhhh...they're all gone right now. But it's hot and humid, so they could return at any time.

  2. stay indoors and keep cool!! i have to go out and water my garden and i am dreading it.

    i have heard stuff before about tilapia but who really days they are going to say that apples are bad for us!!

    have a great weekend!!!!

    1. My husband is the waterer -- lucky me!
      I know 'they' are always stirring up trouble, but I thought it was funny after I had just written about tilapia that it appeared in an article.

  3. i have never tried tilapia simply because I don't like the sound of the name. Not that I am set in my ways or anything.
    Bugs are the worst. We have plenty of flies around here, but the worst are the cluster flies in the fall. I grow lots of peppermint and keep bags of it everywhere. Helps.

    1. Tilapia -- it is a funny name. I heard once that tilapia is supposed to be the kind of fish that Jesus served to the multitude.
      If peppermint keeps them away, I'll give it a try. I'm not sure what cluster flies are -- singles are too much for me!

  4. Has anyone checked the pesky tree's usual root system? There are some trees et al. with lateral roots, and getting rid of what is above ground doesn't get rid of the problem permanently.

    1. We thought the tree man had gone down for the roots -- obviously he did not. We'll get it done, again, and this time, we'll check that there are no roots. (By 'we', I mean anyone except me!)