Thursday, May 21, 2015

TBT -- Brands

Just a little commercial to begin. Robert Parker * commented on my post from yesterday, and he introduced me to the Yale processional – which he composed! You must listen to it; it’s absolutely magnificent!!
I don’t do the food shopping anymore – it’s too exhausting. My husband has assumed that role, and he’s making his own patterns with it. Unfortunately, he’s also trying new brands in place of old favorites. I don’t like it, but I try to keep my mouth shut. I’m willing to try new things, and I’m amenable to change, but sometimes I just want the old tried-and-true.

I’m not fussy about hand or shower soap. Most times I like a Bath and Body Works liquid soap on the vanities – they last for a long time. And my shower gel/wash can be any brand. However, I must have Crest toothpaste. I have tried others, and I always go back. In the kitchen is where I get demanding, though.

I only like Hellman’s mayonnaise, and I just can’t eat any other. I’m serious when I say that because it’s a brand I’ve had since childhood, and I just don’t like any other. It’s the same with canned soup. Of course, I really prefer my homemade ones, but in a rush, I’ll eat canned. However, the only canned soup I’ll eat is Campbell’s. Their corporate headquarters is minutes from here, and they use local produce – especially Jersey tomatoes! If I don’t see that red and white label, I won’t eat it. I’m partial to Tropicana orange juice, but I will drink other brands. I also like Gevalia for one-a-day coffee, but it’s a bit pricey. So, I settle for other brands.

When I was little, I had a friend whose father worked for Oscar Meyer. If my mother was making lunch for us, and she was having bologna sandwiches, my friend would say, “I can only eat it if it’s Oscar Meyer.” Now, my parents hated packaged sandwich meat, and they only bought fresh deli meat. So my mother would fib and tell her it was OM, and she never knew the difference. But don’t try such stunts with me – I will know!

I’ll only eat Star-Kist or Bumblebee tuna – the others taste like a dirty fish tank! I eat real bagels or none at all, and my cereal preference leans toward Kellogg’s. I like Dawn and Cascade, and I prefer Bounty paper towels and Puffs tissues. I don’t always get what I want, but I try to adjust my husband’s shopping list to emphasize those brands. If you get them when they’re on sale, and if you use coupons, it really doesn’t cost that much more.

Most of my likes and dislikes come from my youth. I just grew up liking certain brands, and I really don’t like anything different. Am I a prima donna? a spoiled brat? someone with discriminating taste? Why yes, yes I am!




  1. Bless you and thank you for the shout-out!

    Things like mayo and ketchup, once discovered in childhood, you stick with for life. Best Foods rules west of the Mississippi, other brands rule *east* of that river, and that's why ****everything**** tastes like where it was made. A local BBQ place is *very* Southern, but being from east of the river they become Southern by using THAT mayo, and Pasadenan that I am, I find their cole slaw jarring.

    There is a technical term for our reactions:


    1. I remember hearing that Hellman's is Best in the west. I forgot ketchup -- Heinz is the only one!!
      I'm glad I'm normal in one respect!

  2. hehehe, i am exactly the same!!!! and does anyone else really make mayo...NO!!!!!! i have been helping with the food shopping lately but the hubs prefers to go alone. he can buy more "garbage" that way!!!!

    1. Your husband and mine clearly exhibit that aspect of the Y chromosome - they can always find that 'junk aisle' easily enough!

  3. I guess I will have to admit to being a brand slut because I really don't have strong loyalties.

  4. "taste like a dirty fish tank" That is one of the best descriptions I ever heard of what something can taste like. Of course, it makes me question how you know what that water tastes like. :) As for your brand preferences, I'd be curious to know what an ad agency or marketing department would glean from your pattern of preferences.

    1. You know, when I wrote that, I was going to add, "Of course, I've never tasted that!" You, of course, picked it up! ;-)
      Maybe I should contact Madison Avenue and let them know about my choices!

  5. I gag on Hellmans...I like Miracle Whip! I like Campbells soups too and Puffs yes and Scott Towels. Since we are so allergic I use Tide Free and Bounce Free ...anything else would get thrown out.