Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Shards

As promised, the weekly brain dump appears on a new day. I usually don’t write on the weekends, but it’s good to shake things up.

Visitors: I was surprised when my daughter called to say they wanted to come up to see us – especially since we’re going down to their house tomorrow. However, I jump at any chance to see them, and I’m more than willing to change plans (only some shopping) to spend time with them. I made “Nanny’s grilled cheese,” and we heard stories of the Disneyworld trip while looking at the many photos. The boys love getting out their blocks and Lego’s and building towers for me to ooh and ahh over. There was a brief art session and before I knew, it was time for them to go. Now, I can’t wait to be with them tomorrow. I made a pasta salad to take with us because I get tired of making my potato salad all the time. It should be a fun time!

Pinterest: I’m so proud of myself for ending that addiction I had. I still go on to the site, but I no longer spend long stretches of time, nor am I pinning every dog, cat, dessert, and fashion I see! My daughter asked me for ideas for end-of-year teacher gifts and treats for the graduation party. So, I really had a good reason to go onto the website! (My daughter doesn’t do Pinterest, so that became my job.) She decided on potted plants with a note attached saying, “Thank you for helping me grow!” She’ll add   gift cards and give them to all the teachers on Friday. As for the treat, I saw two cute ideas. One is a candy mortar board, and the other is a cookie diploma. Here are photos.

Weather:  We’ve had gorgeous weather here – sunny and cool. However, the summer is coming in quickly. It will be 90° and over from Wednesday into next weekend! I certainly hope the little guy’s graduation venue is air conditioned, or I will definitely have a meltdown! It may go up to 80° tomorrow, but we’ll be on the deck, and there’s always a breeze there. Finger crossed that it stays nice.

Dinner:  Last Wednesday, my one son had jury duty until evening, but the other one came for dinner. We went to the Ukraine and had Chicken Kiev. It’s easy to make: ahead of time, mix a compound butter (soften 1½ sticks of butter, stir in a teaspoon each of minced garlic, tarragon, and parsley, and add a little salt and pepper. Roll the mixture into a log and wrap it in plastic. Freeze until ready to use.) I use chicken cutlets because they’re nice and thin. Cut slices of the butter and place one on each cutlet. Fold the meat over the butter and make little square packages. Secure with toothpicks. Roll in mayonnaise and dip in Panko bread crumbs. Brown in hot oil and finish in the oven. Serve with potato pancakes and a salad. I could have been true to ethnicity and made beets or cabbage, but the boys don’t like either. For dessert, I made an apple cake (Yabluchnyk) and served it with [American] ice cream. In two weeks, I’ll be trying Japanese.

Books/TV:  I finished The Rosie Project, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s a recommended book if you need some humor! Now I’m into The Precious One by Marisa de Los Santos, and I like it, too. TV is over as far as regular shows, but with the Roku (if it ever gets installed) will provide us with a lot of viewing!

That’s it for now. Enjoy your weekend, and I’ll be back on Tuesday.




  1. I am having grandchildren long weekend and my daughter is having a rest, which I will need for the whole rest of the coming week!

    1. Isn't it amazing how much energy they have? I, too, require rest after I'm with them. Enjoy your time together!

  2. I have avoided Pinterest precisely because I suspected it might be addictive. The same is true for I have enough challenges meeting my current projects as it is! I hope the weather is kind to you. It all sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. It IS addictive, but I do enjoy it. I've never gone on to Ancestry -- I thought it was a paid subscription. I agree that I need to finish one project before I get involved with something else. So far, the weather has been all right.

  3. I could never give up Pinterest completely as my life has been completely enriched by it, but I too am careful how much time I spend there!!

    What makes nannies grilled cheese so special??

    1. I haven't totally abandoned Pinterest -- I just watch my time spent there!
      Nanny's grilled cheese is nothing special -- just bread, butter, and cheese. However, my daughter is a vegetarian and natural food advocate. She makes her sandwiches with organic whole wheat bread, 'pretend' butter, and natural cheese. My grandie described it as "It tastes like rotten hot dogs and cigarettes!" Neither of which he's ever tasted!! So, they like mine because it's 'un'natural! For adults i use american, swiss, and mozzarella cheese, and i sprinkle parmesan on top of the butter.