Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Morning Musings

Today is May 4th, so May the fourth be with you. (Just a little Star Wars joke!)

I’m a little late getting started today because I wanted to get the last of my summer clothes hung in the closet, and all the winter things stored. Since my husband had the back/leg issues, I did it very slowly this year – just a little at a time. He seems to be doing better with the PT, but I’m still letting him take it easy. This year, I also left a lot of things packed away. There’s no sense in hanging them if I know I won’t wear them. Since I never go anywhere special, the dresses, suits, and dressy outfits never came out. I did hang a few light-colored linen jackets, but I probably won’t wear them either. Even going to church on Sundays means a simple sporty-type outfit. People really don’t dress for going out anymore. So I have my summer slacks and skorts there in the closet, ready for wearing every day, but not much else. When I think about my working days, I know I wore so many outfits, but all that has changed. Now, I’ll be giving many outfits to my daughter and donating others to charity.

Our weekend weather was gorgeous. It got quite warm, but with no humidity, it was very comfortable. All this week, we’ll have summer-like temps, but no moisture. I wish I could bottle days like this and have them all year long! Too soon, the real heat will settle in, and I’ll be reduced to a rag doll. I’ll be inside most of the time, though, so the AC will cool me off. Being outdoors yesterday reminded me of missing the feel of the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. I think I’ll try going outside a little each day.

My shoes arrived and they’re perfect. I can fit the brace into the right one, and it doesn’t show at all. The mesh on the top is stretchy, so it goes over the swollen ‘hump’ and makes my foot comfortable. I was a little nervous that there wouldn’t be enough support; however, the insole is molded and firm. There’s an arch support and the sides are raised slightly to support my foot. They’re the kind of shoe that I could wear for long periods of time and not know they’re on my feet. Thank you, Olga, for introducing me to this company!

My little guys and their parents are leaving on Friday for another visit to the Mouse (Disneyworld.) They’ll be gone for ten days, and I’ll miss them so much. They’ll be there for a Star Wars extravaganza, so they’ll love that. The older one plans to wear his Darth Vader costume, and the little one is getting a Storm Trooper outfit as an early birthday gift. They get to see a parade and then dine with the various characters. Of course, they’ll still be seeing Mickey and the rest of the gang, too. I’m hoping they have great weather. When they get home, a lot will be happening – Memorial Day party down there, Little Guy’s Pre-K graduation, the mom-and-dad anniversary (number 8 – yikes,) and the start of summer fun!

Speaking of the anniversary, I found out that the eighth is for pottery and bronze in the traditional gifts and linen and lace for the modern. I’m not crazy about bronze, but I’ll get them a pottery pitcher and filled it with linen fingertip towels. Each year it becomes a game of finding a gift to go with the right theme.

Well, my Monday musings are finished – time to see the sunshine!!




  1. I am so glad the hear the shoes were satisfactory for your needs.
    We had a lovely weekend weatherwise--no humidity! It was a tad bittersweet since I was saying good-bye to friends here. In a couple of days I will be hugging friends and family at home though.

    1. Again, thank you for giving me that website address!!
      Sorry you have to leave FL. Would you ever consider living there year round?

  2. good stuff, you are off to a great start this week!! we visited the tuckerton seaport for a little festival on sunday. it was so fun but way too hot!!!

    1. Be careful with that heat. (That's my post today!) Glad you enjoyed Tuckerton.

  3. Sorry, I didn't get around to this one -- computer troubles. I can't wait to hear more of your ongoing experience with your new shoes, because I may be a purchaser.