Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Odds and Ends

Well, the plans were a bit changed yesterday, but all was well. The little guy decided he didn’t want to go to the Flower Show, which was a shame. Their theme this year was the movies, and they were highlighting the Disney and Pixar flicks. I saw previews of it, and it looked fantastic. However, he wanted to do the Please Touch Museum, also in Philly, and they had a great time. My daughter has a membership in the Children’s Museums in the area, so they get great discounts. The kids love all the hands-on exhibits, and it’s great for their growing brains.

They stopped in here by mid-afternoon and were full of energy. He loved his Star Wars figures and wanted to play with them right away. He carried the lightsaber with him wherever he went, and now he even knows lines from the films. I let him watch some more light saber battles on the computer, and he was content. The littler one did well with his sleep study and seemed quite chipper. He liked his Lego’s set but was more interested in his brother’s new toys – of course. They had some cookies and lemonade, and I made them another treat. Since it was also Dr. Seuss’s birthday, I made some “green eggs and ham.” I saw them on Pinterest, and they were a cinch to do. Just use the butter snap pretzels (the square ones that look like a grid.) Then place a white candy melt on each one. Place them on a cookie sheet and heat at 350° in the oven for one minute. While the melts are still soft, put a green MandM in the middle. I did something similar for Valentine’s Day, using the Hershey Hugs and red MandMs. The little family went off to their favorite Mexican restaurant for his birthday dinner. We were invited but opted out. So the birthday was a success.
He's talking like Yoda!

Studying Stormtrooper
Littler guy liked them, too. (His hair and eyes show the results of the sleep study!)

"Green Eggs and Ham"
My baking went well, too, and I made a chocolate root beer loaf, and white cupcakes. Then I decided to make some butter sugar cookies, as well. Today, I’m just making pumpkin and pumpkin nut breads, and tomorrow I’ll do an orange Bundt cake. Then on Thursday, I’ll take everything out of the freezer and frost anything that needs it. I saved the big box from the birthday toys, and I’ll pack everything to deliver it on Friday.

We’re supposed to be getting some crazy weather in the next few days, and I’ll definitely be staying inside – again, still! Later today we’ll get snow, then ice – just like Sunday. Tomorrow the temps will shoot into the 50s, but it will rain. Then, the temps will drop again, and we’ll get snow on Thursday. Friday will just be cold but sunny. I can’t wait until we get into spring. It’s been a yucky winter!




  1. With the grandkids now "armed," I feel so much safer and protected!

    1. Really? I'm afraid I'll get knocked out when he swings it!

  2. What cute grands! They grow up so fast! Your take on Green Eggs and Ham was cute too:)

    1. I'm seeing more and more how quickly time passes!!

  3. I really enjoyed seeing pictures today, I am a visual kind of girl!!

    We are definitely going to be having some inside days this week!!