Tuesday, March 31, 2015

For the Birds!

Many bloggers that I follow know so much about birds, and they post regularly about them. Debbie and Karen have shown us magnificent photos of our feathered friends, and it’s a joy to see them. We have many birds around here, but I couldn’t begin to identify them. It’s sad  because some of the species I see are quite lovely.

We used to have a stone bird bath in our garden, and the birds came regularly to wash and drink. When the kids were little, I made bird feeders with them. Our biggest deterrent, though, is the presence of squirrels. Those guys end up stealing the bird food, and it’s hard to keep them away. Many years ago, the elderly lady who used to live next door gave them peanuts all the time. I think that just encouraged more squirrels to take up residence in the trees. The lady is long since gone, but the squirrels still linger.

When our Kasey is here for an extended stay, his loud bark frightens all creatures from the yard. If they only knew that he’s as gentle as a lamb, they’d probably hang around. He just wants to play with anything that moves. Unfortunately, the other animals instinctively run off. Usually, it takes a day after Kasey is back to his city home for the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and rabbits to reappear. They realize he’s gone, and they come scampering and flying back.

Lately, I’ve noticed that more and more birds are in our trees. Spring is almost here, and they need to get their nests ready. In our front yard, we have three trees, and I can see where the nests will fit nicely. There are also three trees out back, and that’s where most of the bird world lives. However, sometimes they seek out new and alternate areas to begin their household. One pair has been eying our air conditioner.

They wake up early, and begin their chirping as soon as the sun rises. This morning, they were particularly exuberant, and therefore quite noisy. It sounded as if they were trying to stir up everyone with their loud songs. I finally gave up and got up. That’s when I realized that they might be starting to build a nest there. I don’t know much about birds, but I believe that robins do things as a pair. The dad helps the mom build their home, and he goes foraging for worms, once the babies arrive. I’m thinking that may be the case here.

I sent my husband outside to check, but he doesn’t see any twigs or grass on the unit. I’d gladly welcome them, but the noise would have to stop. I can’t imagine the cacophony coming so close to my head – especially when the newborns arrive. I guess I’d get accustomed to it, though. If the housing situation does occur, I’ll try to set up my camera to snap some pics. If not, I’ll watch the rest of my feathered friends in the trees.

I can see little tiny buds on my dogwood – a sure sign of spring. So, it won’t be long before the little chirpers will be singing on the branches.


BTW: My husband went to the podiatrist, who diagnosed his toe problem as frostbite. It sounds ridiculous, but evidently after the last snow, he must have been outside for too long. He just has to keep bacitracin on it. Now that he has a diagnosis, his mood has brightened a great deal. 


  1. feeding the birds is so fun muff and they make tons of feeders that are squirrels can't get on. i use feeders that suction cup to my windows and i can actually fill them from indoors by just opening the window. that's a big plus. i always put out a plate of nuts for the squirrels, it does help keep them away from trying to get on the feeders and they share with the other birds.

    there are some wonderful, inexpensive bird books, ask for one for mothers day.....and perhaps a feeder too. google it, lots will come up!!!!

    1. Good ideas about the feeders. Maybe after Easter, we'll set some up

  2. pretty background and good news about the hubs, at least you know what your dealing with!!!

  3. We're being gifted by the house finches, who are sociable, sweet, and really crappy net-builders. We'll see what happens... ;-)

  4. Frostbite! Part of me says, yikes! The other part says, you've got something manageable to work with, yay!

  5. Mike was the feeder of birds. I did not keep it up because he was also the washer of bird doo off the deck and that was not a job I cared to take over.

  6. The birds are singing in earnest here! Robins rarely nest close to the ground. I have squirrels in the yard, and I love them as much as the birds. All God's creatures!

    Gosh, frostbite! He must not have been wearing his "Sorel's" It's always better to know what is happening to the body, than not!

    1. No, he got his feet wet in the snow. They just get bigger, they never grow up!