Thursday, February 19, 2015

Keeping Busy During the Polar Vortex

Don’t you love all the new meteorology terms? Hearing them makes me even colder! I’ve been stuck inside for a long time now, and I try to avoid cabin fever. I had planned to go to church yesterday for Ash Wednesday, but I knew I’d suffer from the trip. So, I trusted that God would understand, and I did fast and abstain the whole day. So I think I’m good to go! I didn’t have the boys over, though, because we would be eating lightly. They’re coming tonight instead.

We will get some warmer weather this Sunday, but it comes with rain, so I may be skipping church again. Then we plunge back into the cold, again. I need to occupy myself so that I’m not always dwelling on the weather. For me that can be on the computer – Facebook and Pinterest can mesmerize me! Or, I watch the boob tube. Or better yet, I read. Crossword puzzles are a good diversion. And then there’s my fondness for cooking, which I’ll do today.

My boys requested a Polish meal. Don’t ask me why – we’re not Polish! So I got a recipe for perogies and I’ll make them with kielbasa and green beans. The recipes all call for homemade dough, and usually I would do that, but my husband will be gone until late this afternoon, and I tried to simplify things. So, I’m using the Pillsbury All Ready Pie Crust from which I’ll cut smaller circles. Then, I’ll mix mashed potatoes with cheddar cheese and chopped bacon. This mixture goes on one side of the little circles, and the circles get folded in half. I’ll crimp the edges with a fork and drop them in boiling water. Once they rise to the top, I’ll take them out and pat them dry. When they’re all finished, I’ll melt butter and onion in a pan and lightly brown the little pies. I’ve never tried this, so I’m hoping it works.

Next week, I’ll be doing some baking because my daughter’s Mothers’ Club is having a big bake sale on March 7th, and I told her I’d help out. They raise funds for various children’s charities, so it’s a worthwhile effort. I’m already making a list of ideas – Bundt cakes, cookies, breads – they’re all fun to do.

So let the winds howl and the temperature drop. I’ll be cozy inside doing my little cooking projects!




  1. My mother made pierogis from scratch often. The dough was more like noodle than pie crust. I made them once and that was enough for that experience. I buy them pre-made. There is a little market/deli in Burlington, VT where a lady comes in twice a week and makes them by hand. Here in Venice there is a Russian church that sells them as a fundraiser.

    1. I realized that the dough was wrong right away! Next time, I buy them!

  2. I have things I have to do outside the house for the next few days but some of them are fun things, like knitting class, so I am trying to be happy about it!!

    I really love pierogies, we talk a lot about food here ;)

    1. Well, bundle up, my dear, or you'll freeze your little keester in this arctic blast!! Yes, we do discuss food a lot!