Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pin It!

When Pinterest first started, I just dropped in occasionally, but I never took it seriously. However, little by little, I was drawn into its web! I started a few small boards, and I followed my friends. Then, it snowballed, and I found myself sneaking in at least once a day. I copied many recipes, took notes on crafts, and added more boards. I was totally hooked! Now, I have over 40 boards, more than 2100 pins, and a small following. Why do I do it, and what is it all about?

Well, I do it because I love looking at and sharing my varied interests. I’ve heard the site mispronounced so often in a funny way. Someone asked me, “What is this Pin Interest?” I explained it to her, using the right pronunciation, and telling her she could use it for ideas and to share her interests in gardening, or travel, or crafts, or anything else. Her eyes lit up, and she was soon just as addicted! I’ve heard the site humorously described as “a place where I find recipes I’ll never make, homes I can’t afford, and projects I can’t do!” Last week on “The Mysteries of Laura,” her co-worker said to “imagine Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray having a baby!” There are also several sites which jokingly show all the Pinterest fails!

For me, it’s a distraction. I rarely go out anymore, and after blogging, surfing, watching TV, and reading, I can visit this unreal estate and let my imagination take flight. I think my biggest board is one devoted to Goldens (Golden Retrievers.) Every time I see a picture of one of these fantastic pups, I must ‘pin it.’ I also have several boards devoted to food, where I can retrieve recipes for all sorts of yummies. There are also several devoted to interior design – my secret passion. If I happen to read about or see something online that piques my curiosity, you can be sure it will find its way onto my boards.

I suppose for some, this is just a waste of time, but when I usually have nothing better to do, I find it comforting. I consider my blog a sort of journal, and Facebook keeps me connected to friends and family. However, Pinterest is like having tons of bulletin boards or scrapbooks where I can see things that interest me. I think I’m on the lower level of pinning, though. One girl I follow because we have similar interests has over 62,000 pins! I wonder if that’s all she does! I know my boards and pins will continue to increase, but I know I’ll never reach that number.

So, do you pin? Do you think it’s a silly pastime? How do you feel about such a site? I’d be interested to know where others stand on the issue.




  1. I have been there but not for a long time. I think there are lots of good ideas there and if you enjoy it why not! :)

    1. I think it's a great tool for me, personally, so
      I probably will hang out there.

  2. I am totally addicted to Pinterest!
    I used to keep files of recipes and craft ideas that I clipped from magazines, etc. anyway. Pinterest is a much neater file system.

    1. That's how I feel. Instead of boards, binders, and file folders, here's a great place to store ideas!!

  3. I have a few boards there. I love it for patterns and ideas and just to dream. It is a great get away for me.