Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Plugging Away

In my past life, I remember how much I could do. Now, if I get one or two things finished, I feel accomplished. I just want to be where I was three months ago – not great, but better than now. Sitting here at the computer is deed number one. I’ve been avoiding wearing regular clothes in order to keep my legs free. I just wear my robes. So the task of dressing doesn’t exist.

Deed two will be more cookies – ones I call Swillies. They’re a copycat Otis Spunkmeyer recipe. I’m finishing all the easy ones first. Then, I’ll concentrate on the fancies – pizzelles, spritz, palmiers, sugar, meringues, and shortbread. Chocolate chip is always last because my boys would eat them all!

Last night, my boys finished boxing the books from here in the den. Tomorrow, they’ll pack some of the books from the shelves in the family room. I’m giving most of my clothes to charity, and that’s the next project. I can’t wait until it’s finished.

I just heard from my hairdresser, and that’s another task to add to the list. I’m just not sure when or how. I wish I had a teleporter!

My world right now feels so foreign, but I just keep plugging away!



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