Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Handling Change

I try to be flexible, but I often find myself stuck in my ways. With all that’s happened and all that’s coming, I have to change that mindset. I’ve surprised myself that I’m doing so well with it.

When I had to move downstairs, I did so willingly. It’s not the greatest, but I’m doing all right.  The bed didn’t work, so the boys took it out. I sleep in my big wing chair, and that has caused my foot problems. I’ll wait until they’re healed and try to find another solution. The bathroom isn’t ideal, but I’m making do with it. In my former life, I’d never have been so easy.

The house is changing around me. All the familiar is being packed, and the rooms look stark. Without all my Christmas decorations, it seems even colder. In the past, I’d be a bit down, but I’m trying hard to look ahead. I try to think how I’ll arrange everything, and my world gets brighter.

So, I think I’m doing well with accepting change. I wish I had the same feelings about all my physical changes.




  1. HI MUFF- you are doing well - we both are all things considered. Change is never easy and managing change with a disease like MS, well, it is all quite overwhelming. Skipp is taking curtains down today and washing everything and packing our decorative rods - talk about stark!! I posted pictures on Facebook of our beautiful Christmas tree and decorations from last year so I could "feel" the season. Plus I watch alot of Hallmark Christmas movies which I love. I hope your legs heal up and you resolve the bed issues too - and that your Christmas season is filed with blessings of family love and hope.
    Love Gail

    1. I look at old pix, too, and I'm addicted to the Hallmark schmaltz!

  2. You are bravely moving forward, by the sound of things. I hope that the new place will be better suited to your needs. This is a hard time of year to be making such a major change--I give you a great deal of credit. And you have baked cookies!!

    1. If nothing else, my living quarters will all be on one floor.

  3. Things change all the time. We have difficulties sometimes because we've been rehearsing a specific behavior, that may no longer be of service to us--and yet, we stay with our rehearsed mental behavior. And that's definitely on us... to change when the world changes.