Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tuesday's Trivial Tidbits

Vocal Fry: Do you know what this is? It’s the annoying way young women are speaking and thinking it’s cute! They drag out their words, and then end with a guttural drop. It annoys me so much. Do they think it’s sexy? It’s not – it’s irritating. There are ads for the Affordable Healthcare website featuring various people. One girl from Virginia uses vocal fry to explain her experience, and I want to throw something at the TV. If you’ve never heard of, listen to this:

I used to get annoyed with the Valley Speak imitations, then the up talk, and the swallowing of endings. I spent time with my students getting them to enunciate and speak with the proper inflections. Now, I hear this new one all the time, and all I can do is grind my teeth!

O.P.I.:  “Other People’s Ideas” [that should have been mine…] See this structure? I love the concept!

Then there are all the remote controls. First, they came with the TV, then I had one for my stereo, and now air conditioners have them. When I had my convertible, my husband bought me a remote start so I could warm it in winter and cool it in summer without going outside. I reciprocated and got him one for Christmas. Now, many cars have them as standard features. Is this lazy or what? Now, I look at various objects and think of using it by remote control. Microwave, shower, doors – all could be operated remotely. Meanwhile, we wonder why we’re an obese nation!

Pot: No, I don’t mean marijuana, but those enormous holes in the road. With all the snow, sleet, and ice, followed by the brining, plowing, and salting, our roads are so pockmarked. My husband tries to avoid them, but often he misses. That bouncing hurts after a while. I do hope the Pothole Patrols work fast once the warmer weather arrives. A lot of people are paying a lot of money to replace tires, realign the chassis, and fix axles due to hitting these craters.

Winterthur:  This was the name of the DuPont estate in Delaware. I’ve visited several times, but I never get enough of it. Right now, they’re having an exposition of the Downton Abbey costumes. I’m hearing many wonderful things about the display, and now I want to go. My husband will not be enthused with it, but I know he’ll take me. Look at this site to see why I love the place:

Jell-O Slogging: That’s a description of how I feel. I’m still tired from the time change, and I’m just dragging along. I think a day or two more, and I’ll be all right.

Coatless: I’ll just need a light sweater today when I go outside. We’re having another balmy day, and I absolutely love it!

Funny: Last night on "Mike and " Molly," the younger sister enters, after a run with her boyfriend:
Victoria: Jim and I were practicing. We're running a 10K for Miz.
Molly: Victoria, it's M-S.
Victoria: Molly, I know how to spell.
{cracked me up!}



  1. I too hate 'vocal fry'. So glad to hear its getting to be sweater weather. Hopefully it'll warm up in Wisconsin too!!!

    1. Stay in AZ a little longer -- more cold is returning!!

  2. In my speech-language pathology days, vocal fry was something to be treated. It not only sounds bad, it can damage vocal folds. Affectations are annoying generally.

    1. You're right -- it was considered an impediment! I have read that doing it could cause permanent damage.