Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Fragments

Another late start today!

Weather:  The spring-like weather changed quickly – yesterday, the winds howled, the drizzle was icy, and the temps were in the 20s and 30s. Yuck! Today, it’s cloudy and cool, but we’re promised a warm-up by this afternoon. The weekend looks fairly good, but they’re predicting possible snow by Monday. We need a break – come on spring!!

Dinner:  When my boys arrived last night, they both said, “What smells so good?” in unison. I laughed and showed them the Irish stew in the slow cooker. I had some multi-grain bread with it, and they really enjoyed it. The Bailey’s pie was good, too, but I forgot to send it home with them. So, it gets frozen, and we won’t be tempted by it.

Candy:  I used to love making candy in molds. Then when I was principal, a mom at the school began to make them and she was always called upon to create some for various fundraisers. Thinking I’d never have time to be molding, I gave her all of my molds. Now, I want to get back to it and make some for my little guys. So, I have to start a whole new set. I like the kind where you can paint with the colored chocolate in the molds and create different results. I’ll be getting some with an Easter theme, so the grandies and I can create together.

Books:  I finished Longbourne, but I don’t recommend it. Now, I’m reading The Husband’s Secret, and it’s good. I have to remind myself that it’s written by an Australian, Liane Moriarity, and their ways a bit different. The whole idea of the seasons was throwing me off. It’s Easter time in the book, and they’re talking about autumn. The story itself, though, is interesting, and I’m speeding right through it. I have Dark Places by Gillian Flynn waiting, but it looks really dark to me. I may decide to skip it.

Well, I know this is short, but I’m all out of thoughts. I may be away from blogging for a while next week since the little guys will be here for a few days.




  1. Candy making with your little ones--you are a brave woman.

    1. Oh well, what's a little mess if there's a lot of laughter thrown in. With short attention spans, the project probably won't last that long.

  2. Muffie, your print was dark today, did you change it?? I am famous for my chocolate making skills!!

    You are a great momma, those boys are lucky!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

    1. Oh do tell about your chocolate making!

  3. so....i just realized you use a different color font, each day!! i catch on quickly ;))))