Monday, March 17, 2014

And a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to all of you.

“When God created the Irish…He didn’t do another thing but sit back and smile!”  True story!!

I just have time for a brief post. My mother is back in the hospital – another UTI. However, she seems better than the other times – talking, responding, laughing – so it gives me hope that her stay will be brief.

At the same time… we have to travel south to pick up the two little guys for a few days while the mommy has surgery and recuperates. And of course – it snowed – again! The area where we’re going got seven inches, but my daughter said it’s plowed and salted. So, we’ll go to see my mother, then we’ll hit the road and get the grandies.

For these reasons, I’ll be away from blogging for a few days. I’ll try to stay current with other people’s posts, but I may not get to comment.

In the meantime, enjoy today, snow or not.




  1. Hope your mother is well soon. Enjoy your time with the guys. I am looking forward to my sister's visit.

  2. be sure to take care of you, as you watch over your mom!!

  3. Wishing you well as you complete all the tasks you have to do. Happy St. Pat's Day

  4. Happy St. Pat's Day, which as a former Chicagoan I sort of adopted as one of my festivals as well. I used to go dancing at Irish clubs with my friends. Great memories. Drive safely on your travels.